In ”Take Me Out and Do Whatever I Want” Photographer Tristan Montalbot (site. | I.G. @eltristano) and stylist Victoire Seveno (I.G. @vic_toire) featured model Christina Van Nuis (I.G. I.G. @christinavn_) at MP Management Paris wearing pieces from Vivienne Westwood, Victoria/Tomas, Agnes B, Arthur Avellano, Strateas Carlucci, Règne fils, 9.11pm, Jour/né, Mcq , Vintage Clothing Paris, and Flat Apartment. Makeup by Isabelle Kryla (I.G. @isabellekryla) and hair by Richard Delassus (I.G. @richarddelas)Casting Director. Remi Felipe (I.G. @remifelipe.castings).  Special thanksto GIBSON SHOWROOM PARIS (I.G. @gibsonfrance)Juilette Jacques (I.G. @juliettejacquesjj), and Tommy Hubert  (I.G. @tommyhbrt).

Exclusive for Vanity Teen Girl! 


Model- Christina Van Nuis @Mpmanagementparis 


Special thanks to GIBSON SHOWROOM PARIS, 

& Juilette Jacques

 & Tommy Hubert