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From Vanity Teen we want to address a situation that has been bothering us for quite some time now. Lately, we are receiving tons of suggestions from professionals interested in being featured in Vanity Teen and our social media. Unfortunately, because of the lack of time and resources, it is impossible for us to publish everyone’s projects. A selection team tries to choose meticulously each publication and really tries to give everyone an opportunity.

We really appreciate and take into account any reaction in our Instagram posts. Our selection criteria try to adapt more and more to the new era and its changes, and this labor takes some time so we ask for patience and respect.

We are aware that many of our posts might not be suitable for everyone. However, we always work with loads of respect towards models and photographers who want to use our platform to spread their wings and grow.

Vanity Teen stands against hate speeches, forbidding anything that could lead to racism, bullying, sexual orientation discrimination, gender identity discrimination or any other matter that might harm people’s rights. We do not publish nude photographs or content with sexual nature.

Vanity Teen is a verified Instagram account and strictly obeys Instagram guidelines when publishing content, never having infringed any proprietary right or inappropriate use of their images.

Every artist and/or the author is responsible for their published project on our website and community and is informed about the exhibition and image usage for our Instagram account, having free access to their work to modify or delete it whenever they want.

If you as a community follower think that an image can harm somebody’s image or that of third parties because it is rude, violent, sexual or discriminates any community, please contact us filling in the contact application you will find on Our team will consider your request and will ask the image’s author, acting properly for both parts.

We also want to regulate our follower’s attitudes in the most coherent way without harming anyone. We will not allow hate comments in our posts, complaining about our image or video selection. Therefore, we will block every hate comment containing unnecessary and negative information because it harms our community and all the people who took part in that project.

In our huge Vanity Teen community, we publish projects sent by photographers, models, or artists around the world without prioritizing any kind of content, which we then publish on our website and social media.

We also want to highlight that the vast majority of our team is formed by young people from different cultural backgrounds.

Vanity Teen is not responsible for the repercussion of each of its posts and neither for the number of comments, likes, or shares they might have. We promote every post the same way, independently of the model or artist.

Our Instagram account is just a small portion of this very big project which we try to keep fun and entertaining for our readers and our community.

However, the full projects are published on our website and they involve lots of professional people who work behind the scenes, taking lots of time, excitement, and work in order to create such projects.

We want to create a safe place for Vanity Teen’s community and we ask for respect to every professional in this industry and everyone involved as we have always done.

We hope to achieve peacefulness, respect and equality in order to create a proper community. Best regards, Vanity Teen team

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