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Marc Jacobs’ Heaven FW21 sparks a new youth revolution

Adolf Diaz

Contributing Digital Editor. Psychology graduate with a strong interest in fashion, music, art, lifestyle, especially Korean and Japanese style.

#KAIxGucci : The K-pop & Fashion Icon Kai Partners with the Italian Luxury House on an Exclusive Capsule Collection

Adrian Gomis Exposito

Deputy fashion editor at Vanity Teen Magazine, contributor, content writer, editor, PR manager, and creative director. Communication student and art lover!

Danshan SS22 Collection Resurgence

Jatniel Villarroel

Classical philologist, linguist, PhD. I know what trendy teens are reading. Vegan who writes about arts, TV, movies, music and literature.

Kevin McHale: beyond lucky and grateful

Sajid Bin

Contributing Fashion Writer. Quirky, 20-something Marketing undergraduate with a serious passion for luxury fashion and a pride in the fact that he knows more about designer purses than most women.

Rock the Stud! 

Natalí Valle

Content Writer. Fashion, TV, Cinema, Music. I venture in digital illustration and UX. Pursuing my BA in Language and Literature.

Our favourite looks from the Met Gala 2021 and the inspiration behind them

Daniel Meza

Venezuelan level 26, journalist, freelance writter, nerd from the cradle, addicted to music and good stories. Life is an endless mosh-pit. Go crazy, jump and enjoy it!

Netflix 2021: the best new youth series to watch this June

Elvis Kachi

A purpose-driven and goal-oriented young man, passionate about creation and everything art. A freelance writer, fashion designer, and illustrator, using all of those crafts to project a voice in support of a community he believes in.

Heineken Lagos Fashion Week, 2021, Is Back.

Alejandro Guevara

Journalism student who loves art, music and fashion, focused on Streetwear and Haute Couture.

Seven sustainable fashion brands that you should know

Mauro Colarieti

TV & Cinema Contributor. Italian novelist. Born in '97: same year as Google, Titanic, and the sheep Dolly. Proud Zoomer.

Owen Vaccaro on The Goonies, Heritage and Child Actors

Luis Alonso Murillo

Deputy Editor in Chief of Vanity Teen. Film & Digital Photo. Front-end dev.

Mystic Pimp by Luis Alonso Murillo

Adriana Barreno

Contributing writer. Fashion stylist and journalist. Passionate about music, art and photography.

Blackpink Returns With Their New Single “How You Like That”

Juan Hueleme Mucho

I am a fragrance enthusiast and my purpose is to help everyone align purpose and scent. I have a YouTube and Instagram channel, Hueleme Mucho, one of the biggest niche perfume channels in the world, I invite you to follow us there  Also I have an online store where I try to bring uniqueness with purpose and excellence.

What is a niche fragrance