Tired on Elm Street: Boltad + Álex Gisbert Tired on Elm Street: Boltad + Álex Gisbert Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Tired on Elm Street: Boltad + Álex Gisbert

Anyone can feel like a protagonist when it comes to the designs of Alberto Martín Pozo, the creator of the award-winning brand BOLTAD @boltadbrand, which perfectly appeals to Generation Z. Mix that with the creative lens of renowned photographer Álex Gisbert @gisbertt, and the result is an exclusive editorial that’s totally Vanity Teen-esque:

Tired on Elm Street

With a pop name that speaks to today’s youth, the editorial and its concept are captures the essence of what makes being young so enviable: the eternal will to dream, as mentioned by the team in the following commentary:

“All I have to do is dream” was the title of the mythical song by the Everly Brothers. Dreams today and always have been like a shelter in the middle of the storm. An authentic unconquerable oasis that no one can take away from us. Whether it’s the stress of life in the big city, the worries of youth, or the unrequited love… dreams only belong to the one who dreams them and, what’s even better, are totally free! It doesn’t matter that sometimes they show us a darker face in the form of a nightmare, that universe built in our subconscious will always be an indestructible barrier (I’m looking at you Mr. Kruger). Like the union between the renowned photographer Alex Gisbert and the award-winning brand Boltad, who through this fabulous editorial celebrates the pleasure of relaxation, the contemplative life, and something that can never be taken away from us: the eternal will to dream.”

Exclsuive for Vanity Teen!

Photography: Álex Gisbert @gisbertt
Photo Assistant: Pedro Martinez @pmartinezph
Producer: Juan Marti @sswango
Creative Direction: Dafne Vazquez Sanisidro @sukkkvvvd Alberto Martín Pozo @boltadbrand Álex Gisbert @gisbertt
Stylist: Lucia Lomas @luci____
MUAH: Milena Bono @comoelnumero (x Icon Spain)
Color Trading: Aida Chambó @ahyla
Julia Galeano @juliagaleano_
Oliver Andreas Cortés @spikey.sunflower
Lucia Pacha @luciapacha
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