Sleeping with Ghosts by Spleen Factory

Sleeping with Ghosts” is Spleen Factory exclusive story photographed by Sylvain Claverson (I.G.@sylvainclaverson) and styled by Manon Boyer-Mazal (I.G. @manonbm) featuring Luc Bruyere (I.G. @lucbruyere_), Raphaël Lemond (I.G. @pyramid1eye), and Camille Cojean (I.G. @cafeealacreme) wearing pieces from Nieth Nyer, Drome, Hed Mayner, Zelda Passini, plus more. Makeup by  Emilie Nssoga (I.G. @emilie.makeupyourmind) using Mac Cosmetics (I.G. @maccosmetics). Hair by Yolette Bouchar (I.G. @yoletteboucharhairstylist). 

Exclusive for Vanity Teen!

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