"Every little bit helps" Zhao Lei  赵磊 for Vanity Teen China "Every little bit helps" Zhao Lei  赵磊 for Vanity Teen China Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

“Every little bit helps” Zhao Lei  赵磊 for Vanity Teen China

“Do what you want to do, then present your favorite works to everyone, create better works, and live the life you want.”

Zhao Lei

We keep proving the great talent, vision, and power that today’s youth has, with a new generation of artists always aiming high. For our Vanity Teen China issue, we are happy to announce to all Xiao Tuan Zi that we have been able to count on actor, singer, and artist Zhao Lei 赵磊 (@zhaoleiray), for whom freedom and love for life are indispensable elements for his creativity.

Zhao Lei showed off his amazing singing talent as a child, and his strength has been proven along the way. The artist’s respect for creation and love for life has allowed him to follow in music. In the days when he was with music, he accumulated strength little by little and merged the simple notes into vivid melody, which flowed into the hearts of many people. For the artist talent reflects the love for and willingness to learn what one likes, being, in this case, his passion for music; for him progress is an important part of professional growth, believing that this goes hand in hand with practice, being something that is achieved step by step, so that “every little bit helps” on the road to success that one is forging.

You can read part of his interview HERE, where he comments on his plans regarding upcoming tours and songs, the creative process behind his songwriting process (which is first, melody or lyrics?), as well as other areas in which he would like to venture and exploit his creative talent, such as vlogging.

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Exclusive for Vanity Teen China!

Every little bit helps” Zhao Lei 赵磊 for Vanity Teen China

Producer:Lily Fan | Responsible Editor: MissAnna |  Photographer: Wang Huan | Make Up & Hair: Gao Liya | Graphic Design: Zhang Guangwei | Interview: Hua Rong    | Article: Awen | Artist Co-ordination: Nikun | Camera & Post Production: Tuan Jie   | Media Operation: Qi Boxuan

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