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Carlinhos Maia: be who you are

Carlinhos Maia is the Brazilian star who has gained the love of his followers for being honest, staying true to his roots, and showing how the real people from Brazil can be happy embracing the traditions that are part of their everyday lifestyle.

We had the opportunity to talk with him, and we are glad he did not hesitate to open up and show his true colors in this exclusive interview for Vanity Teen.

If you already knew him, you will be pleased to know this intimate side of the artist. But if you do not know him yet, you are about to find out the appealing of this wholehearted guy who has infatuated over 22 million people that follow him on his social media.

Carlinhos Maia | Exclusive Interview

VT: Many people like you because you are talented; others admire the fact that you work hard. But, your biggest fans adore your story, the way you overcame your past, and how you beat the odds despite the things said by those who did not trust you in the first place. Therefore, for those who may not know it yet, could you tell us a little about your origins and your journey to be the successful person you are nowadays?

CM: First of all, I believe that the biggest secret to growing up is to believe in yourself.

I was born in Penedo, in Alagoas, Brazil. A very small city with less than 100.000 inhabitants. I had no purpose when I started recording videos; it was just my reality and my way.

First, it was Facebook, then Snapchat; later, I migrated to Instagram, and when I saw it, I was the Brazilian person with the most views on the social network. It was a shock.

I remember the beginning of all this with great affection and gratitude, and the small moments and achievements influence me to be who I am today.

VT: Who are your “girassóis” (sunflowers)? What is the origin of that name? What would you like to tell them at this moment?

CM: My sunflowers are my fans; they represent my favorite flower. Not that they don’t already know it, but I love them, and I am extremely grateful for the affection and admiration of everyone.

VT: How has been the experience of going from social media to HDTV? What can you tell us about the second season of Uma Vila de Novela?

CM: It has been a challenge! But it is very gratifying to see something you like so much become even bigger.

I love Vila because is the place where I grew up. It represents all my history and the people who are part of it. In addition to humor, we managed to demonstrate in it a little of our day-to-day.


Giving back to society

VT: Considering your background story, now that you are in a better place, how do you give back to society?

CM: I try to help society, especially in some specific cases. And it is not always with money, but with my influence as well.

Some people share their stories in my private room and don’t even imagine that I will see them, but sometimes, I end up seeing them and thinking: “I wish my idol would do this for me”, you know? Obviously, I can’t help everyone. But I think if everyone helped a little, the world would be better.

VT: You also have shown yourself as a supporter of taking care of dogs and love them; how would you describe the way you feel about pets? Could you tell us more about how you have been helping shelters for dogs?

CM:  I love animals. In the place I grew up, I was always surrounded by dogs that accompanied me on the street, and I wanted so hard to take everyone home. I have always admired the work of the people who provide shelter and care for them. It is good to be able to help.

VT: What other plans you have this year?

CM: A project that I am very excited about is the reality show of a friend of mine, the comedian Ni do Badoque. It is not the first time doing something like that; I was a judge once, about two years ago, of ‘Gonga La Gonga’ and it was really fun! I love to see new talents and to see people coming loose and being who they are. It is always a challenge.

Be who you are

VT: 2020 was a difficult year, but you have a history of overcoming bad times; what do you do to stay safe and preserve your mental health?

CM: During this time, I try to enjoy the company of the people I love to the fullest. We never know tomorrow, do we?

Also, I try to do things I like, listen to some music, too. When I get a little bad, I focus on the good and try to have positive thoughts.

VT: Which advice would you give to those young people who would like to pursue a career in media-related activities?

CM: Look, I really wish somebody had said to me “be yourself” because it makes all the difference. We are concerned with what others will think, and we even sabotage ourselves due to insecurity from time to time. So, make your own content, in your own way, with your mood and your personality. It is important that people like your content and you for who you are.

Before we go

If being ourselves is the new fashion, Carlinhos Maia is the trendsetter who started all in Brazil. His charisma is so spreadable that we cannot resist admiring that he shows himself the way he is. Besides, seeing how proud he is to show his love for the Brazilian people is inspiring.

I hope we can follow his advice and find joy within the ones we love, but most importantly, that we can embrace who we are and let honesty and optimism put on a smile on our faces.

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