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Antonia: A Lullaby Under The Favela Sky

“She steals your attention/ She’s all over the place/ She’s searching for happiness…” These are part of the lyrics of “Una Favela“, the most recent hit of renowned Romanian artist Antonia, (@antonia). A song whose rhythm conveys the elegance and captivating beauty of the artist, which we had the opportunity to feature in this exclusive editorial titled “A Lullaby Under The Favela Sky”, which was captured under the lens of photographer Sebastian Galin (@iamsebastiangalin) with styling by Madalina Preda (@madaliciousss).

Antonia is one of the biggest artists Romania has seen, a natural-born superstar, a hypnotic beauty, and a great performer. Rocking the charts and conquering the dance music scene with her hits that travel the world, from Romania to Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, Spain, Greece, just as her latest bop “Una Favela” puts it, “she’s dancing with fire/she loves what she hates”. Not only an inspiring and astonishingly beautiful hitmaker, she is also a conscious social media presence who gets across a clear stance on gratitude and self-love.

Exclusive for Vanity Teen!

Antonia: A Lullaby Under The Favela Sky

Model/Talent: ANTONIA (@antonia) | Manager: Alex Cristina (@alecs.cristina) | Photographer: Sebastian Galin (@iamsebastiangalin) | Stylist: Madalina Preda (@madaliciousss) | Stylist’s assistant: Diana Geru (@dianagdm) | Make-up artist: Claudiu Burca (@claudiu.burca) | Hairstylist: George Cozma (@cozmageorge) | Videographer: Mihai Peteu (@mihaioctavianos)

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