Warning Sign” by Zuzanna Czaja X Zlocka Karolina @czajaxzlocka is a project made by two young designers from Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland. The collection is inspired by the clash of modern and post-communist cultures. Growing up in Poland, seeing all this changes, heavily influenced both girls who decided to try to adapt the one of a kind eastern European style to today’s standards.

”What we have here is compilation of light textiles and ethereal details with heavy denim and pins. Shirts and woolen coats are mixed with patchwork jackets and jeans covered with bright prints. Contrast dominates on every step of the way. The collection proves that combining street wear with elegance is possible.”

Photographer Elizabeth Pribytkova @iamelizabet captures models Piotr Pryk @bareguy, Victoria Marchalek @_vickymal_ and Viktoria Ekiert @w.ekiert at AS Management Cracow showcasing Zuzanna Czaja and Karolina Zlocka’s collection. Makeup and hair by Olga Wisniewska @oldzxo.

Exclusive For Vanity Teen!