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victon digital cover - aedan
VICTON for Vanity Teen | Photography: | Artist Coordination: MAXPERIENCE | Cover Design: David Guillen


VICTON: Discovering Comfort in Chaos

VICTON (@victon1109) has gone through various incarnations when it comes to sound or concept – progressively alternating from a mellow pop-music experience to the confident, sultry side that helped them garner an adamant fandom with versatile taste. Through their charismatic presence with “UNBELIEVABLE” in 2017, to the popular style of their hit track “What I Said” or even its mid-tempo sibling “Mayday”, VICTON eventually established an understanding of what it takes to bring true duality to a group without a need for fabrication. 

While the group may have once catered to that easygoing, natural pop sound at one point in time, six years into unity, VICTON is having the time of their lives by showcasing their top-tier energy on Chaos, suggesting a much longer shelf life than the average EP. With a considerable number of fans seeking the comfort of a “Nostalgic Night” theme or even something with a little more traditional vocals, VICTON uses each breath in Chaos to please long-term listeners (Alice) enhancing a perfectly balanced relationship that’s proven to be designed for complete success. 

Currently, VICTON’s more recent releases have featured the group readjusting and functioning as a six-member collective while Seungwoo is actively enlisted in the military, thus marking the point for a male group where dynamics tend to shift to accommodate any absence. In VICTON’s case, each member brings a unique trait to the designated sound, and while that could add another layer of difficulty due to one’s absence, the vibrancy of each member’s passion is able to shine through and embody the pure, instantly recognizable VICTON spirit listeners adore. 

Several years after finding their footing and proving to be a force as one, the group now participates in an in-depth conversation as our new digital cover stars where the current members reflect on an admirable career (with much more to come). 

VICTON: Discovering Comfort in Chaos VICTON: Discovering Comfort in Chaos Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
VICTON for Vanity Teen | Photography: Lim Saera & Lee Dayea | Artist Coordination: MAXPERIENCE

In just a few months, you’ll have been together for an impressive six years, and that requires a lot of dedication and passion! What would some of you say is the key to longevity in a group based on your own experiences?

Kang SeungSik: I think the biggest strength was acknowledging and understanding each other’s ‘differences’ while working with the members for a long time.

Heo Chan: I think consideration and respect are the most important things. As we understand each other and reduce inconveniences, our relationship naturally grows closer!

Lim SeJun: Isn’t understanding each other the secret to longevity and accepting them as they are?

Do HanSe: I personally have come this far because I live each day as it flows!

Choi ByungChan: I think the biggest help was to give in, compromise, and help each other.

Jung SuBin: I think the most important thing in group life is understanding, consideration, and giving in. To be honest, it’s not easy… There are so many things to give up on, so I think the most important thing is to work together!

VICTON: Discovering Comfort in Chaos VICTON: Discovering Comfort in Chaos Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
VICTON for Vanity Teen | Photography: Lim Saera & Lee Dayea | Artist Coordination: MAXPERIENCE

In that time we’ve watched each one of you show such rapid growth – and VICTON never feels stuck in one sound, which is really refreshing! Which member would you say is the most adaptable or versatile? And do you have a specific memory of them putting that skill to use?

Kang SeungSik: I was most impressed with Sejun changing himself according to the concept for each album. Among them, Sejun had his hair cut short during Mayday promotions, and I thought it was really cool because he reminded me of a lifesaver.

victon digital cover - aedan
VICTON for Vanity Teen | Photography: Lim Saera & Lee Dayea | Artist Coordination: MAXPERIENCE

Heo Chan: I think it’s Byungchan! Always, anywhere, he overwhelms people with his unique self-confidence.

Lim SeJun: It seems difficult to choose one specific member. I’ve tried various concepts in the meantime, and I think all the members did it well!

Do HanSe: I want to choose myself. I think that any concept album has been well expressed with my own colors.

Choi ByungChan: I think it’s Hanse. This is because Hanse is not confined to one thing and always shows his own style.

Jung SuBin: I want to choose Seungwoo-hyung with a broad spectrum of expression. I know to some extent the taste of music that Seungwoo-hyung personally pursues, but when seeing that he expresses songs that are maybe not his own, I feel impressed.

When I last spoke to Byungchan, he mentioned that you’re addictive single “What I Said” was the concept that he found to be the most difficult! What other difficult concepts throughout VICTON’s career would you say felt particularly satisfying to pull off?

Kang SeungSik: For me, Mayday promotions seemed difficult at the time, but in hindsight, I think it was the most satisfying activity.

Heo Chan: I like the concept of the song “May Love (俉月哀)” [also known as “Time of Sorrow”] It received a lot of love belatedly, and I think it is the most VICTON song!

Lim SeJun: I felt that the title song “Chronograph” in the previous album was a difficult concept. It’s a song where rhythm is important, so I was very proud when I completed the song and choreography.

Do HanSe: It reminds me of “Nostalgic Night”. I personally like the blonde hair and outfit style I did during the “Nostalgic Night” promotions, and I’m satisfied with it so far.

Choi ByungChan: I’ll also pick “Howling”! Because it is a perfect song that has all three elements of concept, dance, and song, I felt the greatest satisfaction and had fun while promoting it.

Jung SuBin: Personally, I prefer a dark feel. That’s why I like Continuous!

VICTON: Discovering Comfort in Chaos VICTON: Discovering Comfort in Chaos Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
VICTON for Vanity Teen | Photography: Lim Saera & Lee Dayea | Artist Coordination: MAXPERIENCE

When you first debuted, you sold more than 16,000 albums which is already such a significant number of fans – and recently you’ve sold rather substantial quantities as well. Now that your platform has grown and you’ve gained thousands of new fans along the way, what’s one track that you’d like to see experience a resurgence?

Kang SeungSik: It would be great if all the songs could be chart reversed, but if I had to pick just one, I would like to pick the one I am most attached to.

Heo Chan: I hope the most VICTON-like song “May Love (俉月哀)” runs backwards!

Lim SeJun: I also want to choose “May Love (俉月哀)”! “May Love (俉月哀)” is a song that not only our fans, but also the public and other fans gave a lot of good feedback, so I think it should be loved even more!

Do HanSe: I think it’s grateful if any song goes backwards. There are a lot of hidden masterpieces in our albums, so it would be great if we could see the light of any of them by going backwards.

Choi ByungChan: I wish the song “Owol Ae (俉月哀)” would be known more. When I listen to “May Love (俉月哀)”, it reminds me of spring, and I get a warm and fluffy feeling. I hope that many people will feel the short-lived spring for a longer time through “May Ae (俉月哀)”.

Jung SuBin: I think “May Love (俉月哀)” and “Howling” would be good! These are songs that a lot of fans liked, and I also like them a lot, so I’d be very grateful if many people knew about them!

VICTON: Discovering Comfort in Chaos VICTON: Discovering Comfort in Chaos Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
VICTON for Vanity Teen | Photography: Lim Saera & Lee Dayea | Artist Coordination: MAXPERIENCE

Going into the present, and even the future of your work, are you more eager to revisit genres that you’ve previously conquered – or are you currently more focused on expanding your repertoire to keep people guessing? 

Kang SeungSik: I would like to challenge the concept of “Howling” once again. If it is the “Howling” concept that we are challenging now, I think we can take a new approach and show you a different side from that previous time.

Heo Chan: Among the genres we did, there are songs that feel nostalgic, and I want to sing a song with this feeling again.

Lim SeJun: I think it’s good to try again with a genre you’ve done before because each time is different. Some of our fans miss the old concepts, so if there is an opportunity, I want to show them the old concepts again.

Do HanSe: Like the fans who are waiting for us when we are working on the album, we are participating in the album production with anticipation. I worry about my worries over and over again, and I consult with many people. I think it’s important that anything come out great!

Choi ByungChan: We want to show our unique colors to many people while constantly challenging various genres.

Jung SuBin: I personally have a lot of concepts I want to try! There are concepts that I stick to from time to time. It’s good to try again in a genre you’ve already done, but I want to show you a better side with a new concept!

I personally have such a soft spot for your edgier tracks when you underwent a slight concept change with “Mayday”, “What I Said”, and even “Nostalgic Night.” Who, if anyone, would you say was the biggest help to the members when it came to that specific transition?

Kang SeungSik: For me, Hanse and SuBin were very helpful. I think it has set a good example for me, who is having a hard time with change.

Heo Chan: Seungwoo! Seungwoo often challenges various concepts and digests well, so I learned a lot from watching him!

Lim SeJun: All the members were truly helpful. Each member has different abilities, and because they are versatile friends, I received a lot of help.

Do HanSe: I think of all the members. Each member has a different charm and personality, and I think that each synergy that comes out when those abilities come together made the group ‘VICTON’! Because everyone worked hard!

Choi ByungChan: Our leader Seungsik acted as our older brother. This is because, as a leader, he always helps the members to make up for what they lack.

Jung SuBin: I want to say that I am thankful to all the members. Because each member is good at different fields, each member helped me differently!

VICTON: Discovering Comfort in Chaos VICTON: Discovering Comfort in Chaos Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
VICTON for Vanity Teen | Photography: Lim Saera & Lee Dayea | Artist Coordination: MAXPERIENCE

You also have Seungwoo who is completing his military service, which constantly changes the atmosphere of a group! How has that absence manifested within the group’s dynamic both personally and creatively?

Kang SeungSik: Seungwoo’s absence is often felt a lot because Seungwoo has given his strength to a lot of things. However, I think that all the members are working hard to fill the void of Seungwoo, and we are creating good results.

Heo Chan: When performing with six people, Seungwoo’s seat was empty, so I really feel it the most at those times.

Lim SeJun: Overall, my skills have improved a lot. It seems that his skills come naturally because the other members have an obligation to fulfill Seungwoo-hyung’s role.

Do HanSe: I feel empty when performing because six people have to fill the stage of VICTON.

Choi ByungChan: I feel Seungwoo-hyung’s absence the most when we are on stage. We are working hard with the rest of the members to give it a full feeling.

Jung SuBin: There is definitely no Seungwoo here, so I have a lot of regrets. No matter how well we recorded with six people, it was hard to erase the feeling that one voice was empty… When we do the choreography, I often feel that I am more empty than when there were seven members. That’s why as six people, we are working hard!

We also have to discuss your seventh mini-album Chaos! What would you say are likely the defining characteristics of this brand new era?

Kang SeungSik: I think of it as ‘temperance’!

Heo Chan: I think of it as a ‘bad boy’.

Lim SeJun: I think it’s ‘confusion’. Each member has a character, and after wandering against determinism, they eventually make a choice. I feel confused in the process of making a choice, and I remember trying to capture it in the MV.

Do HanSe: I think it can be said that the image that I showed you as VICTON will continue in this album as well. It feels like an ‘extension line’! You may feel that the songs included in this Chaos album have a similar atmosphere to the previously released songs. So, some people may think that this is not a surprising album, but I think you will definitely get the feeling that it has matured even more.

Choi ByungChan: I think of it as a ‘key’. As it is the second part of the album trilogy to be released this year, various stories thrown in the first part will be solved in the second part! So I think this album is an important ‘key’ to answering your curiosity! Please look forward to the upcoming trilogy and give Chaos a lot of love!

Jung SuBin: I want to call it ‘Chaos’ just as the album name is. As always, while preparing this album, I think I wasn’t comfortable both physically and mentally… Looking back, it was really crazy.

VICTON: Discovering Comfort in Chaos VICTON: Discovering Comfort in Chaos Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
VICTON for Vanity Teen | Photography: Lim Saera & Lee Dayea | Artist Coordination: MAXPERIENCE

As you check off all of these exciting, monumental achievements together and all of these new opportunities present themselves – what are some of your new, or revised dreams for the next chapter of the group?

Kang SeungSik: Little by little, things are getting better, so I want to do performances that I haven’t been able to do before and meet my fans more often!

Heo Chan: Nothing has changed, just the thought of moving forward slowly as we started!

Lim SeJun: I don’t think we know exactly where VICTON will be heading. However, if we work hard in our respective positions, I think we will be able to create greater synergy as a group called VICTON.

Do HanSe: Now that social distancing has eased a lot, I want to resume active activities such as music shows, performances, events, tours, and concerts.

Choi ByungChan: I want to continue to provide memories and comfort to fans and the public through VICTON’s music. I want to become a group that is like a gift.

Jung SuBin: I want to bring happiness to as many Alices as possible! I think this should be it.

VICTON: Discovering Comfort in Chaos VICTON: Discovering Comfort in Chaos Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
VICTON for Vanity Teen | Photography: Lim Saera & Lee Dayea | Artist Coordination: MAXPERIENCE

In closing, if you were each going to choose the one person in your group who has matured the most from your first day together to this very moment, who would you choose?

Kang SeungSik: I want to pick Subin. It is because although he is the youngest, he does not neglect his efforts to help the team and shows a mature image.

Heo Chan: Sejun! Sejun is bright and charming, so I felt young at the beginning of his debut, but now his personality and behavior have matured a lot, so I chose Sejun!

Lim SeJun: I think of all the members. Six years have passed and I think everything has changed naturally over time.

Do HanSe: I want to select all of VICTON. Because we all struggled together and grew up together.

Choi ByungChan: I want to say, me. Compared to the beginning of my debut, I think I have matured a lot and I think I have become more mature externally.

Jung SuBin: Since I know how young I was at the beginning of my debut, I will choose myself. That’s not to say I wasn’t mature and am mature now, but I think I’ve matured a lot compared to when I debuted!

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