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Vanessa Sierra: even saints have haters

Vanessa Sierra is always living the present, she is one of those few people who make feel you loved and welcomed but yet letting you know she is in control of the situation.

You have seen her on TV, and modeling or you have enjoyed her social media content, but this time you are about to see her in a more intimate way like never before.

Get ready to enjoy this conversation I had with Vanessa Sierra, the witty entrepreneur we love the most.

Q: 2020 was a rough year; the lockdown affected all of us, but you dedicated time and have never stopped posting new content on your social networks. Particularly, I find quite amusing the short videos you post on your Instagram account. Have you realized how your content has been helpful through these difficult times?

Yes! Lockdown was a tough time for everyone, but this was also the time my social media really took off because I was able to focus on work and creating new content. I got a lot of feedback from my supporters saying my funny videos helped them stay positive through the hard times. I think because I have also been so raw and open about my own battle with mental health my posts helped to normalize those issues for a lot of people who were struggling during this big life adjustment.

Q: What do you think about the policies of most social networks controlling what can you say or post?

It’s crazy because it’s not something I really thought about too much in the past. But I think a few things that have occurred in the past year with accounts being shut down over various topics; it is really shedding some on what is truly going on in the social media industry. There is no “real” freedom of speech because you are bound to very strict policies and guidelines where platforms can shut you down without warning. I have experienced this first hand.

Q: I consider you to be a very intelligent woman and no one can deny your beauty and attractiveness, but there is an issue: why do you think some people refuse to understand women can be both gorgeous and smart?

Do people really refuse to believe that? It’s 2021, I think the world overcame that now.

Q: Let us talk about your charity activities. You have detractors who do not even mention that you sell clothing at a very affordable price and donate the whole profits to charity. What can you tell us about this initiative you came up with?

I donate a lot of my time, raise funding and also donate a small percentage of my income to charities. It is not a topic I advertise because this is something I do not do for ‘social approval’ rather for my genuine desire to help others. I have contributed my time, money, and labor every year to various charities since I was only 10 years old. I guess I am an empath and have always been this way.

To list a few of my charitable activities in 2020, during the bushfires, I started a fundraiser through my bikini label for the fire brigade in NSW; during the BLM protests I raised $10,000 for bailout charities in the US, and also for indigenous legal aid in Australia; for Christmas, I ran a giveaway where people simply made a wish for me to grant. I granted approximately 20 wishes ranging from cash, tuition paid off, a hip replacement for a dog, a console for a child who lost his mother, work shoes for a young girl in the Philippines, and more. And yes, I also sell my designer clothes at a fraction of the price and donate all the proceeds to various charities.

Q: What are the social issues that concern you the most during these days?

I’m most concerned about the income gap that is occurring because of the COVID crisis. It seems there will be a much wider divide after this is all over.

Q: You finished school, have college degrees and nowadays you are a successful woman; so, what is your message to all of the young people who are thinking about dropping out?

Look, you don’t need to get a degree to get by in life. But it is sure as hell that helps. Even though, it doesn’t look like I use either of my degrees it has given me a noticeable advantage over others in life.

Q: Haters are going to hate?

Even saints have haters. You can’t please everyone.

Before we go

After this conversation with Vanessa Sierra, I asked myself: why do people feel the urge to label everything and try to put others in a box?

This dazzling true beauty has taught me we all deserve to be happy doing what we like and there is no reason to harm others but help the ones who are in need.

I hope you can follow her example and do your best to be genuine and kind to others.

Let us keep spreading love.

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