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The media and entertainment in the 21st century have let us beyond words most of the time due to the amount of content we can find for every taste. However, some family members are always concerning they cannot find appropriate content for teens and younger children. In the midst of these times, Drew Baker breakthroughs offering safe and funny content that has made his videos and messages gone viral thanks to his millions of fans.

Even though, his good reputation is not bigger than his kindness, amusement, and good vibes.

Let us present this conversation I had with Mr. Baker and let us hope you get to know him a little better.

Q: Nowadays, every person knows about how 2020 affected us in many areas of our lives. How did you cope with staying safe, protecting others and being sane during last year? What do you expect for this year 2021?

That year was definitely a tough one. Just like most seniors, I didn’t get to have a prom or graduation like we expected. During this time my main goal was to focus on making the most of it. I did this by spending quality time with family and loves in a safe way.

Q: What can you tell us about your collaboration with Emotional Wear? Is mental health an important issue for you?

Emotional Wear is the company I used to create/sell my own merchandise. Going into it, I had no idea that they brought awareness to mental illness. Once I learned that, it made me like them even more. I personally struggle with anxiety; so mental illness is a relevant topic to me. Mental illness affects a lot of people, and I absolutely want to bring awareness to it.

Q: TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social networks, but also has lots of haters. What are your thoughts about this topic? What would you like to say to those more than 1M fans, followers, and supporters you have on that social network?

Being an influencer on Tik-Tok has been a huge blessing. I love my fans very much and would not be doing what I am doing without them. They mean everything to me.

There will always be haters though, and you just have to choose ignore them or let it motivate you!

Q: On your Instagram account, I have seen Bible verses and you wearing W.W.J.D. bracelets; some other famous people like Tim Tebow, Russell Wilson, or his wife Ciara, have been in the spotlight, even criticized, for publicly sharing their faith and doing what they normally do for living in sports, arts, or entertainment. Would you like to talk about it? What do you have to say? Or do you prefer not to share an opinion on this topic?

God is center of my life, and I want people to see that through whatever I do. Whether it’s modeling or making tik-toks, He gets all the glory!

Q: What is your opinion about representation, body positivity, and media?

I strive to keep my content family friendly as I have a lot of younger viewers. This is why having a good reputation is important to me. I strive to keep my content brand friendly. I always want to be a good influence and promote positive companies.

Body positivity is something very important to me as my account is fashion oriented. The younger generation, especially, is so easily influenced by what they see on social media. I want to help people find a style that they are most comfortable in, just as I have.

Q: Mention some of the perks and most difficult parts of modeling and work in media?

In this field of work there is a lot of pressure put on you. With so many eyes on you, it can get overwhelming.

The difficult part is that everything is up to you. You have to decide to be responsible to make content for your followers.

Since I do modeling I also have to make time to work out. It is so important to be organized and make a schedule for each day so that you can be as productive as possible.

Q: What would you tell to those teenagers who are thinking about pursuing a career in fashion or the entertainment industry?

Do what you love. If this is the career path you truly want to take then absolutely go for it. Just know that you are going to be very responsible for your own success, so you have to put in a lot of work but if it’s what you want it will pay off in the end so don’t get discouraged in the hard times. If you want it, then get it!

Q: Which eating habits and workout secrets could you share with us?

I wouldn’t say that I have any special secrets when it comes to working out or eating. I will say that consistency and staying at it is very important. I just created a routine for myself to go to the gym for at least an hour three times a week. Accountability or having someone to work out with you will keep you consistent and motivated. For instance, my girlfriend keeps me accountable with my schedule. Having people around to encourage you helps motivate you to achieve personal goals.

Q: Could tell us a little about your future projects this 2021?

In this 2021 I will be going to New York and Miami to meet with my agencies and really get my modeling career going. I also have multiple clothing brands that I will be working with in the near future! Besides that, I just have to wait and see what 2021 brings my way and I couldn’t be more excited!

Before we go

Yes, Drew Baker is that guy you would like to introduce to everyone you know. His future looks really bright and we cannot wait to see what else he has to offer in the future.

Just like he said in this conversation, let us try to be nice to each other, find the healthy habits that suit you, never forget the amount of responsibility you have in your success, and be surrounded by friends and family.

Stay true to yourself!

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