TASMINE by FATEM: The Master of Interior Design

TASMINE BY FATEM is a Canadian interior designer of Moroccan origin who began her career in modelling before moving into interior design after training as a designer in Canada and learning how to use design software in Dubai. She creates apartments and villas in France, Dubai and London. Over the years, TASMINE BY FATEM  has specialized in high-end materials and now integrates new technologies for home automation, the Internet of Things, and innovative materials such as electroluminescent windows, in her work. Interview by Farouk CHEKOUFI  Who are you / How did you get into interior decoration? I began my professional career in modelling…

Dior Institut at the Es Saadi Palace in Marrakech
Dior Institut Palace Es Saadi Marrakech, Morocco - Photo Kristen Pelou 2010

Dior Institut at the Es Saadi Palace in Marrakech

The Dior Institut has created a new, unique approach to reveal and enhance beauty. Just like Monsieur Dior, who followed «the laws and principles of architecture» when designing his dresses, the Dior Institut offers structured, carefully composed treatments for every person, delivered step-by-step for instant and long lasting youth-replenishing results.   Embodying the spirit of Dior Dior Institut has chosen modernity, paired with tradition, by making its new home in Marrakech within the unique setting of the Es Saadi Palace. Marrakech is a noble city with an imperial and authentic heritage - and an equally attractive energy and youth. Currently the…

ISSEY MIYAKE: Creative Technology

The ISSEY MIYAKE Collection is founded in the philosophy of clothing made from “a Piece of Cloth,” a concept which explores not only the relationship between the body and clothing, but also the space that is born between them. The philosophy has evolved and grown as have Miyake’s interests always founded in innovative clothing combined with modern research and development. The Collection made its debut in New York in 1971. Since the Autumn/Winter 1973 collection it has been shown in Paris. The ISSEY MIYAKE Men’s Collection was first presented as a section within Fall/Winter 1976 Women’s Collection; it has been…

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