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Mattia Narducci by Sasha Olsen

The super talented Norwegian/Portuguese photographer Sasha Olsen @sashaxolsen presents this amazing fashion editorial with the Italian model and actor Mattia Narducci @mattia_narducci represented by D’Management Group @dmanagementgroup, who regularly works for Armani and who has done Dolce&Gabbana and Guess campaigns.

Sasha Olsen loves creating stories through his photography, and this one has a narrative where the model, the architecture, and the light are the main protagonists. “The way these elements interact and are expressed, through the way the simplicity of the model made the space talk and the excess of space enabled the model to tell his own story, adding a timeless feel to it,” he says.

The photoshoot took place in an amazing apartment in Milan, right across from Armani’s mansion. “We felt like it was the ideal setting because the apartment has a very classic decoration and a lot of history. It was perfect not only to capture the model but also the architecture of the apartment.”

Only wearing very simple clothes, the model Mattia Narducci felt comfortable and confident during the photo shoot. “He felt that we were trying to tell a story and a narrative between the model and the space and that he also had to be a little bit of an actor. He found this shoot very interesting,” says the photographer.

Model Mattia Narducci @mattia_narducci represented by D’Management Group @dmanagementgroup photographed by Sasha Olsen @sashaxolsen in Milan, Italy. Exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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