Kolya Orliuk by Tatiana Chornenkaya Kolya Orliuk by Tatiana Chornenkaya Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Kolya Orliuk by Tatiana Chornenkaya

Tatiana Chornenkaya @t_chornenkaya, photographer and stylist in this photoshoot and founder of Attaboys Management @attaboys.mgmt presents this fashion editorial with the new face Kolya Orliuk @sickolya exclusively created for Vanity Teen online!

The inspiration for this gorgeous fashion editorial is the iconic era of the late ’90s. “After trying his first look with a leather jacket, Kolya mentioned he felt like a guy from the “The Dirt” movie, which is his favorite one,” says the photographer. “The second look was very unexpected for him since Koly never tried himself into “office style”, but this actually was the main idea of the shooting – to make him change and try another side. It must be said that he liked both of the styles, although at first, he wasn’t sure that he was suitable for these.”

The groomer Elena Samoylova @elen.samoylova successfully changed his images using different hair styling – from brutal to an obedient boy. Both are fit perfectly and perfectly showcase the photoshoot’s aesthetic and mood.

The shoot took place at the agency’s office to make the model feel more comfortable and relaxed. He’s wearing a vintage leather jacket, Bapesta shoes, and a Topman shirt. “We think it’s a great start for Kolya to be featured on such a big and famous magazine like Vanity Teen.” We really love this shoot as it is very simple but shows the youth and passion of a new face model, who will work hard for his dreams.

Model Kolya Orliuk @sickolya represented by Attaboys Management @attaboys.mgmt photographed and styled by Tatiana Chornenkaya @t_chornenkaya grooming by Elena Samoylova @elen.samoylova, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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