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Impacts Of The Fashion Industry In A Nation And Its Economy Impacts Of The Fashion Industry In A Nation And Its Economy Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Impacts Of The Fashion Industry In A Nation And Its Economy

Man thrived on the need to wholly depend three things – Food, Clothing, and Shelter. They are regarded as the basic necessities of life. Without these, the continuous existence of man would be abruptly ended, and we would be regarded as an entity that previously existed.

Impacts Of The Fashion Industry In A Nation And Its Economy Impacts Of The Fashion Industry In A Nation And Its Economy Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
Illustration by Ignacio J. Benéitez

The Fashion Industry also known as the Textile and Clothing industry has proven to be one of man’s most important needs, as it houses some of the biggest economic processes employed in a nation. Through this means, a lot more sectors are thriving, and the obvious impacts could never be overrated. Besides the apparent Provision of Employment; Trade, Sustainability, Empowerment/Skills and Social activities are some major ways the fashion industry has brought about the steady rise in a nation’s economy.

The fashion Industry is one of the oldest industries, and it is no doubt one that employs the sheer use of large and intensive labour.

This single process has tripled the need to continuously employ more hands, which has in its effects made the provision of jobs possible. The Fashion Industry has offered itself as a tool for employment opportunities. It has absorbed large numbers of skilled and unskilled labour, and proffered entry-level job opportunities for these people. Tailors, Pattern Makers, Fashion Illustrators, Digital Artists, Craftsmen, Accessory Makers, Fabric Manufacturers, Dye Technicians, Weavers, Embroiderers, etc are provided with opportunities to express themselves through their craft, as they provide values and services. These proceedings and more translate to the improvement of a nation’s economy.

The Fashion Industry also plays a major role in the industrialization and development processes of countries and their integration into the world economy, as clothing is such a key manufacturing export for many developing countries. Most countries solely depend on the exportation of fashion items for them to stay above water. Buying and selling – exchange, basically, is such an important process in boosting a nation’s economy, and the fashion industry which gives one of the basic needs offers itself as a better fit for such progressive furtherance.
Whilst a lot of countries have been adopting the idea of trading and taking advantage of the process, a lot more are starting to formally accept the need to support local craftsmen and the crafts in their immediate countries.

Sustainability creates a platform for individuals in a community to produce and sell well crafted handmade fashion items such as shoes, bags, hats, rings, etc, and appreciating the values that comes with it. When people trade money for a good or service that is locally made, they benefit the wealth of that community. The money is invested into the production of more fashion products, and the cycle continues; thereby adding to the economic value of the nation.
Of course, empowerment has added a lot of values to a nation, thereby causing an increase in its economy.

Currently, the fashion industry and brands it houses has provided ready-made empowerment and skills acquisition programs through seminars, grants, and even competition where it accords individuals with the necessary funding or tools needed for them to primarily work on, legitimately invest, and produce valuable materials needed for the economic growth of the nation.

Social activities such as Fashion shows, runways, seminars, and even exhibitions are one of the biggest ways the fashion industry is improving a nation’s economy. Social gatherings and activities have presented themselves as avenues for people all over the world to come together and experience the beauty of the industry. Whilst this large crowd is being hosted, these numbers appreciate the beauty in the fashion industry, understand how promising the works of the industry is, and in turn make quality investments. These acts when properly exploited doubles as marketing strategies which doubles as sales, thereby improving the economy of the nation.

Fashion has in one way or the other highlighted its importance whether socially, economically, or materially. The advent and birth of this industry has prepared and allowed the growth of every nation, if properly exploited. Whilst we are thriving off this really generous industry, the substances it produces keep skyrocketing, as it steady inclines a nation’s economic prowess.

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