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Hey Boy x VTEEN Exclusive Interview with Nic Kaufmann

Hey Boy x Vanity Teen online exclusive interview with Nic Kaufmann @nic.kaufmann represented by WeCreate @wecreate.official and Vada Muller @vada_muller, photographed by Leonie Alma @leoniealma_. Part two over at heyboymag.com!

VT: If you had to look back on the earlier part of your adventures into social media, what would you name as one of the main areas that helped really start growing your online presence?

NK: My passion for creating content is the only reason I even started growing an online presence! I’ve always just wanted to make content that is entertaining and has a good message, and creating content is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve always looked forward to the part of the day where I create content and this motivated me to post new content almost daily since day 1. Posting consistently is an area where a lot of creators struggle in and without my passion for content creation I would never have managed it.

VT: We have seen that you have recently put out your own collection! Do you design all your pieces or do you work in collaboration with someone?

NK: My collection was a capsule collection in collaboration with About You! I had full creative freedom within the boundaries of what they would be able to manufacture in larger amounts. The pieces themselves were entirely my own concepts as well as those of my friend and stylist Dara Lucas. We based the ideas on my heritage and culture, trends in the high fashion scene as well as my own personal style. 

VT: Who would you name in the fashion world that inspired you to create your own collection?

NK: I actually didn’t have anybody inspire me to create my own collection! It’s just something I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember and I only recently got the opportunity to turn my childhood dream into a reality! I would like to thank About You for making everything possible because without their support on the manufacturing and logistics end none of this would have been possible

VT: We are living in a strange world right now, things truly feel flipped upside down. How have you personally managed life during this pandemic and what do you think personally attributed most to seeing the light when things seem so dark?

NK: I actually struggled a lot mentally during the tougher times of the pandemic. I’m a very social person who loves meeting new people and I have a passion for creating content, and I feel like the pandemic made my life incredibly difficult which put me into a negative mental state. I found that exercising and taking care of myself in ways such as nutrition or skincare really helped me to find a focus in this tough time.

VT: If you had to imagine yourself in 15-20 years, what do you hope most for future Nic?

NK: It seems that every 6 months my life takes a new turn, so it’s hard for me to predict 15-20 years into the future. One thing I hope is that I am still passionate about my work in the way I am now. One of my largest dreams is to have my own fashion label and I hope in 15-20 years this dream will be my reality!  

VT: When you are not focusing on your future and planning the more professional aspect of your life, what do you like to do for fun?

NK: I really love to cook! Cooking has always been a way for me to take my mind off of work and content creation and let something else occupy my mind for an hour or two. I especially love experimenting and coming up with my own recipes, because it lets me express myself creatively through my food and also helps me learn through trial and error, which I find extremely effective.

I’m also a huge fan of sunsets. With the pandemic, I’ve had a lot of time to find nice sunset spots with my friends and relax while listening to music and watching the sunset. I feel like these moments are some of the most peaceful moments in my life and I really appreciate them.

VT: Are you currently working on any projects that you could share and what would you name as your DREAM project?

NK: I’m actually currently trying to work towards one of my dream projects! Together with some friends, we want to tour the whole world and meet all of our fans in their home countries. It’s our way of appreciating all the individuals who brought us to where we are today as well as an opportunity to learn more about all the different cultures in the world!

Model Nick Kaufmann @nic.kaufmann photographed by Leonie Alma @leoniealma_

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