Marco Simonetti

Designer Marco Simonetti Presents AI Jacquemus x Nike Pop-up Concept

The recent project by designer Marco Simonetti features AI-generated designs for Simmonetti’s envisioned Jacquemus x Nike pop-up concept. The Jacquemus x Nike pop-up store can be found in Courchevel, a city in France known for its ski resort.

Marco Simonetti: Jacquemus x Nike Pop-up

Exclusively available for ski members of the Jacquemus x Nike club, the pop-up area will act as a designated space for skiers to access exclusive winter season accessories and attire.

As stated by Marco Simonetti in his Instagram post, the pop-up store will not only feature exclusive, limited-edition attire from the collection, handpicked by specialists, but it will also feature a range of accessories. These include exclusive ski masks, bags, watches, shoes, and even gold jewellery.

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