Daria as Claudia by Bryan Derballa

Photographer Bryan Derballa (I.G. @lovebryan) captures under his lens model Daria Makurina (I.G. @dariamakurina) at Muse with styling by Christina Tung (I.G. @christinatung) using pieces from . Hair by Serina Takei. Makeup by Taka Okada (I.G. @takaokada)

Exclusive for Vanity Teen Girl!

Top: Kelsey Randall, pants: Nika Tang
Top: Kelsey Randall, Pants: Nika Tang
Bikini top & sweater: Mozh Mozh
Coat: I Waited for You…
Top & Pants: Allina Liu
Sweater: Jennifer Chun, Pants: THII
Coat: I Waited for You…

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