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Valentina Giulia by Alex Dani

The photographer Alex Dani @alexdanifotograf presents this fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the model Valentina Giulia @valenvricella represented by Independent Management @independent_mngmt, which expresses the idea of freedom mixed with stylish posses.

“Milan is a place for historical cafe, where modern architecture meets history, where chocolate produced since 1913 mixes with freshly roasted coffee – done in real torrefazione. Our editorial is about chic and glamour of everyday life in Milan. Together it gives freedom and air to breeze and express your personality in whatever manner you want, and Italian style frames the quality of posses, dresses and garment.”

The photographer used two cameras and two flashes: an old stylish Hasssy and a new retro looking Fuji. “We travelled easy and light because we had to move around the city and with cumbersome equipment it would be basically impossible,” said the photographer. All shots were done outside, very urban and street style way, “we were lucky with glimpse of sun and light reflections from old Italian buildings. We started at Porta Venezia and moved toward the centre. Cafe Zaini at viale piave worth mentioning, one of the best place for good coffee in Milan with amazing interior.”

This editorial is active, colorful and everything is created and inspired by movement, which it is also a very important part of the photographer’s style. “Each member of team also added a bit of its vision to the final story.”

“Life is colorful, even in covid times, life is movement, don’t forget who you are and express yourself as you wish. Milan is one of the best cities for that. Freedom is about breaking the rules in posing, acting, framing and behaviour.”

Model Valentina Giulia @valenvricella represented by Independent Management @independent_mngmt photographed by Alex Dani @alexdanifotografo, styled by Tania Tuka @taniatuka assisted by Davide Costantini @costantini_davide, makeup by Oriana Curti @orianacurti, produced by Daniele Carettoni @danielecarettoni at Espresso Productions @espressoproductions, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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