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Thomas Day: everyone can be a wildflower

Thomas Day
Thomas Day @thomasdaymusic | Wildflower cover art | Photos by Brenton Giesey @bgiesey

Thomas Day comes more optimistic than ever. His newest single: Wildflower is a song I have been listening to on repeat because it reminds me that none of us is alone, and, sometimes, we only need simple things to change our mood, feel better, and face day-by-day.

According to this honest, often vulnerable, friendly, and sympathetic artist, everyone can be a wildflower. So, we invite you to understand what such affirmation means as you enjoy this conversation we had exclusively for Vanity Teen.

Have a little sunshine and enjoy!

Thomas Day
Thomas Day @thomasdaymusic | Wildflower BTS | Photos by Brenton Giesey @bgiesey

Authentic to who I am

JV: How did a young guy from Brentwood decide to pursue a career in music?

TD: I have been playing music my entire life. I also grew up in a family with parents who are passionate about music as well.

JV: Music is not an easy industry. What motivates you to keep moving forward?

TD: I just want to make sure that everything I do is completely authentic to who I am.

JV: How would you describe your creative process?

TD: It changes a lot. It all depends on my mood, and considering how I’m feeling is usually how that goes down.

Everyone can be a wildflower

JV: Are you a wildflower? How so?

TD:  I would say everyone can be a wildflower. Life is complicated, and it is constantly changing for everyone, and nobody can do everything all alone.

JV: With Wildflower, you show a vulnerable aspect most people do not want to expose. Why did you decide that song was what you wanted to share with your audiences?

TD: I think mental health is a huge subject right now that people have started to talk about but also aren’t talking about enough. I wrote this to heal myself and hopefully others.

JV: How do you take care of your mental health?

TD: Recently, I have been meditating a lot. Whenever I feel drained, I find that cold showers always help me. And, of course, writing songs.

Thomas Day
Thomas Day @thomasdaymusic | Wildflower BTS | Photos by Brenton Giesey @bgiesey

It’s OK to be broken

JV: What makes you happy?

TD: A lot of things make me happy! I really love small dogs. And I love my mom and making people laugh.

JV: What can you say about your upcoming plans?

TD: The next songs I’m going to release are amazing! I believe it’s some of the best music I have ever made.

JV: Which words would you like to share with those who might need some support today, and your music is like a relief for them?

TD: My entire life, I have always been told that you shouldn’t be hurting. But I think it’s OK to be broken, and it’s OK to know you’re not perfect. If you have gotten through something that was substantially hard in your life, you have something. You fought through the pain, and you are still going, still kicking. It’s a beautiful thing to understand what you have been through and tame it to your advantage.

JV: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

TD: I love everyone who is taking their own time to listen to me. It means the world that you all allow me to be vulnerable with you through my music. It changes my life every day, and I couldn’t thank you enough for listening.

Before we go

Thomas Day has a silky voice that he uses to invite us to smile no matter what. His songs let us know that sharing our thoughts could result in a good thing as long as we are kind to ourselves and others and admit we all need to take care of our mental health.

In Wildflower, he says that all your life, you’ve never had the time to explain the way you feel. So, if we look at it closely, this song not only portrays a sensation we all have felt but also is an invitation to sing out our feelings, and I love it because it is as if this single is a way to set us free by the blessings of music.

So yes, as Thomas Day stated, we all can be wildflowers, and maybe we practically need a little sunshine (or singing a song) to keep striving and going on.


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