Take It Back by Rachel Friedman

Photographer and artist Rachel Friedman (IG. @rachel_friedman1) shares in exclusive ”Take It Back” featuring model Harel Alon (IG. @harel_alon) at Brick Models (IG. @brickmodels) with styling by Eyal Hagbi (IG. @eyal_hagbi) using Gucci, Diesel, Balenciaga, Coach, Loewe, Burberry, Off White, Michael Kors, Stella McCartney plus more. Hair and makeup by Shiran Farran (IG. @shiransha).

Exclusive for Vanity Teen!

Top. Dolce & Gabbana || Ring. Padani
Coat. Coach || Shirt. Giorgio Armani || Short. Dior || Shoes. Rick Owens || Socks. Burberry
Coat. Michael Kors || Rings. Padani || Watch. Giorgio Armani jeans || Jeans. Armani || Mask. Diesel
Coat. Michael Kors || Rings. Padani || Watch. Giorgio Armani jeans
Shirt. Loewe || T-shirt. Cos || Jeans. Loewe || Bag. Gucci || Socks. Off white || Necklace. Bvlgari
T shirt. Cus || Necklace. Bvlgari
Coat . Tommy Hilfiger || Scarf. Balenciaga || Socks. Gucci || Shoes. Rick Owens
Hat.  Moncler || Knitwear. Fendi || Ring.  Padani || Watch.  Giorgio Armani || Trousers.  Balenciaga || Socks. Vetements
Hat. Moncler ||  Knitwear. Fendi ||Ring. Padani || Watch . Giorgio Armani
Jacket. Maison Margiela || Jeans. Off white || Necklace. Padani || Sunglasses. Oakley
Leather jacket. Diesel || Bag. Dior
Jacket. Stella McCartney || Jeans. Diesel || Shoes. Rick Owens

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