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Photographer Diego Ibarra (I.G. @diegoibarra) shares in exclusive ”Nomakeup”. Featuring models Fernando Guzmán (I.G. @fernandoguzmanolivari), Gino Pasqualini (I.G. @gino_pasqualini), Germán Cuevas (I.G. @ger.cuevas), Pablo...


Photographer Martín Battellini @martinbattelliniphotography captures under his lens Gino Pasqualini @gino_pasqualini at Universe Management @universemanagement.  Art Direction and Styling by Devils Banquet Creative Studio @devilsbanquetcreativestudio.  Hair &and Makeup by Ro...


Photographer Celeste Russo @cel_russo photographs model Gino Pasqualini @gino_pasqualini at Universe Management @universemanagement with styling by Erika Abate @erikaabate. Makeup and hair by Carla...


Buenos Aires based Nahuel Nicolás Pucheta @nahuelnicolaspucheta captures in 35mm #newfaces Gino Pasqualini @gino_pasqualini at Sun Models Management @sunmodelsmanagement and Gianfranco Sampaoli @gian_sampaoli at Universe Management @universemanagement and...


Model Gino Pasqualini @gino_pasqualini, represented by Sun Models @sunmodelmanagement, and Matias Bottazzi @matias.bottazzi at Muse Management @musemgt, photographed by Joel Beraldi @joelberaldi, exclusive for Vanity Teen Online!

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