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Sexting Inspired WhatsApp Campaign by Abzal Issa Bekov

Send designer Abzal Issa Bekov a WhatsApp message at +447 432 614 351 and you’ll be rewarded with two random pictures from his latest sexting, S&M inspired campaign. The Céline designer wanted something more innovative than releasing this year’s F/W campaign photos on Instagram or via email, and he found his inspiration somewhere unexpected.


It was art director Philipp Humm who had this brilliant idea, inspired by today’s semi-anonymous electronic communications, “especially in the gay world” he says, referring to apps like Grindr and Scruff. Bekov’s WhatsApp campaign reflects the modern trend of sending nude pictures to strangers on dating apps. They admit that the whole concept was entirely experimental, and they were pleasantly surprised when so many people started texting the number posted on the designer’s homepage,


You can also see the gay S&M subculture reflected in Bekov’s designs. To see more of these mysterious photographs by Timothy Schaumburg, send the designer a WhatsApp message at +447 432 614 351. But hurry! We don’t know how long this campaign will be available.

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