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Rainer Dawn by Connor Clayton

The talented freelance fashion photographer Connor Clayton @connorclaytonphotography created this exclusive editorial for Vanity Teen online with the gorgeous model Rainer Dawn @rainer.dawn represented by Envy Models @envymodels.

Inspired by the raw earth, the photographer wanted to capture the beautiful model in a beautiful, earthy, and very natural setting to build upon Earth’s natural beauty. Shot at the Sepulveda Basin in Los Angeles, California Connor used a Nikon camera with a 24-124mm Nikon lens,  which allows him to take shots at a variety of different focal lengths to make the entire shoot more interesting. The color editing and the black and white shots are totally incredible and we couldn’t be happier with the result!

This time, the LA-based photographer also took care of the styling and used a combination of pieces from Levis, Patagonia, H&M, and Amazon essentials. It totally showcases the simplicity and transmits the earthy vibe that he wanted to transmit, showing the model’s body and great angles that perfectly capture the essence. The photographer loves to shoot at this time of day when he shoots outdoors because it creates such a perfect level of dramatic shadows on the model when positioned right. That’s reflective of his style and aesthetics, using cool shadows to define different parts of the image. Playing with shadows and natural lights gives great results as you can see!

Rainer seemed to feel very confident and comfortable in the setting. It seemed like he really connected with the surrounding area and fit right into the style of the shoot. He totally knows how to pose to create that raw, natural, and peaceful aesthetic the photographer wanted to showcase in this editorial.

Model Rainer Dawn @rainer.dawn represented by Envy Models @envymodels photographed and styled by Connor Clayton @connorclaytonphotography in Los Angeles. Exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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