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Palace Skateboards x Stella Artois 2021 Collection

Palace Skateboards unveils its latest collection in collaboration with Belgian beer brand Stella Artois with the name of Palace Artois. It features canvas jackets, Oxford shirts, beach pants, really cool hoodies, and T-shirts, and accessories such as umbrellas, hats, beer glasses, and even can openers.

“Stella Artois is our favorite beer ever. It looks and tastes great, and it has always occupied a unique place in our culture.”


The collection will be launched on the official website of Palace in the UK and Europe, stores and official websites in Japan and North America, and WeChat in China on February 19.

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  1. Нашел сам варианты в Новосибирске, рядом со мной… а для Дмитрия перелет через полстраны… предложил — оплачиваю расходы, приедь помоги, не хочу ошибиться…

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