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Misho Amoli: The Only Mistake Is Not Trying

The Madrid-based YouTuber, content creator, and model Misho Amoli @mishoamoli, who seems to be created and styled by the gods, took a moment off his exciting life to talk with us for this exclusive interview for Vanity Teen online in which we talked about styling, personal matters and really interesting fashion tips!

Misho Amoli x Vanity Teen

I had the pleasure of asking him about his amazing style, the way he is not afraid of trying anything and putting together the most amazing and crazy outfits you’ve ever seen, and he has some amazing tips to encourage all of us to start doing whatever we want, to be ourselves and challenge everything.

Stop thinking about what others will say. Think about where you want to be and what makes you happy. That’s the only thing that should matter to you.

Misho Amoli

He also has a YouTube channel in which he uploads very interesting videos about styling and he creates really fun and entertaining videos talking about his passion and his talent.

Misho Amoli x Vanity Teen

VT: For those who might not know you, how would you define yourself and what do you do? 

A: First of all, I would like to thank you for this interview and for everything you do for the fashion community. It’s a real pleasure for me to be here. Now starting with the questions: I am a simple guy born in Bulgaria in 1991 who since childhood has been passionate about fashion, music and making people around him laugh and have fun.

VT: I’ve seen that your YouTube bio says that you basically do crazy stuff and talk about fashion. Where does that passion for fashion come from? 

A: That’s possibly the question my followers ask me the most in my live streams on Twitch. To be honest, I really don’t know when or how that passion for fashion came, but I remember being a child talking to my friends and doing calculations of how long we would have to save and keep all the money we had to buy a new pair of pants or the latest dope sneakers. Those were fun times in which we learned a lot…

VT: Your style is very unique. You post your outfits on Instagram and they are all fire because you are not afraid of combining different styles, colors and accessories. How do you come up with these ideas to create such incredible outfits? 

A: I’ve never been afraid of trying new things. To combine, exploring and expanding my tastes in fashion. I always try to convey to people who are trying to find their own style that the most important thing is to dare no matter what others think. The moment you feel comfortable in that place, you have your way done.

VT: Is having an amazing taste in fashion an innate skill for you or have you learnt or developed it in any way?

A: I’ve always thought that learning about something you like is the easiest task in the world. You don’t even realize how or in what way you learn. Automatic mode is turned on and everything flows by itself.

VT: Which are your favorite clothes for your everyday life? What do you wear the most on a daily basis? 

A: The hardest question of the day haha. To be honest, it is very difficult for me to choose a style of clothing that represents me. I think the “mood” is everything when it comes to dressing, at least in my case. There are days when I just want to go unnoticed. T-shirt, straight jeans and some nice loafers. On the other hand, there are other moments when I want to “play” a lot more, use more patterns, colors and above all play with volumes and shapes. I think it all depends a lot on my state of mind.

VT: What mistakes do you think people do when dressing up? Do you have any tips for them? 

A: For me, there are no mistakes in fashion. Basically because what is considered a mistake today, a two-year dent can be the biggest trend and history has shown us that countless times. In the end, it is all a matter of tastes.

Where I perceive the real error is in the thinking of the people. I consider that the only mistake is not trying it. I hear a lot of people every day tell me “this or that fits you very well” and then they end the sentence with “I like it but I don’t dare.”

Stop thinking about what others will say. Think about where you want to be and what makes you happy. That’s the only thing that should matter to you.

VT: Which mistakes did you do in the past regarding your styling and how do you think it has evolved throughout the years? 

A: I am very happy as I consider that my style has evolved in a very natural and fluid way. I have never felt the need to ride a trend that does not represent me just by being on the wave. I believe that finding your own style takes many years and as complex beings that we are, we never stop evolving, having new concerns, and meeting new goals.

VT: Going back to the YouTube matter, what made you start a channel? Did you know that the type of content you upload was going to be successful? 

A: I didn’t know if it was going to be successful but if I felt the need to present fashion in another way than the traditional one. I needed to do it in my way. I think that fashion has always been presented in an extremely serious, cold, and superficial way. The complete opposite of what should really convey.

For me, it is fun, entertainment and above all a way to connect all kinds of people regardless of their gender, color, or social status. I don’t know if I have achieved it but every day I see more people perceive it in my own way so I think we are on a very good path.

VT: If you had to choose just one brand to wear your clothes from, which one would it be and why?

A: For me, there would be no other possible answer than Mr. Raf Simons. He’s an impeccable designer with a spectacular career. I see his collections from more than 20 years ago and I think: “How is it possible that he did all this so long ago and that today it is still so relevant?” I think that’s brilliant and shows how far ahead of time he is as a designer.

VT: What piece of advice would you give to our readers, regarding styling or personal matters? 

A: Don’t be in a hurry. Enjoy and have fun. Like someone said: Remember that what you are looking for is found on the way, not at the end of the road.

VT: Anything else you would like to add? 

A: Just thank you again for having me here and sharing my thoughts with the readers. Much love and good vibes to everyone!

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