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Midjourney surprises the technology world with its fifth version in only 8 months, significantly improving photorealism.

Who is David Hoolz?

David Holz is the CEO and founder of Midjourney, a popular laboratory that has created a program that can generate impressive images from texts. Despite his success, Holz prefers to remain discreet, and little is known about him outside of his work. Holz spent his childhood in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he was interested in science and mathematics from an early age.

As a child, he would disassemble electrical appliances and attempt to find new uses for their components. He attended the Atlantic University of Florida and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill to study mathematics and physics, later earning a PhD in applied mathematics. Holz worked with prestigious institutions such as the NASA Langley Research Center, where he studied laser radars, and the Max Planck Institute of Florida, where he conducted research in neuroscience. Holz is known for his work with Leap Motion, a start-up that he co-founded and served as CTO.

Leap Motion launched in 2010 and quickly gained popularity with its gesture control and augmented reality devices. Holz has expressed his personal thoughts on how artificial intelligence can leave a mark on the art and economic world and his views on copyright. Despite his success, Holz remains humble and does not use social media frequently.

Midjourney surprises the technology world with its fifth version in only 8 months, significantly improving photorealism. Midjourney surprises the technology world with its fifth version in only 8 months, significantly improving photorealism. Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Midjourney V5

We have recently created some new faces from Midjurney using the aesthetics of the latest fashion editorials we have received in Vanity Teen in the last few years, please check here the result using MJ 5.

Midjourney is a generative artificial intelligence engine that has gained popularity and notoriety for its ability to create stunningly realistic images. It recently released version V5, which is even more powerful than its predecessor. Midjourney’s creator, Robbie Holz, has stated that the tool already has millions of users on its Discord server, making it one of the most popular generative AIs at the moment.

However, Midjourney has also been criticized for its use of images created by human artists without proper attribution. Holz has acknowledged that there is no easy way to track image ownership and that his team collects open data sets that are published on the Internet. He has also admitted that the science of datasets is evolving rapidly, so it is possible that in the future models may be trained on a decreasing amount of data.

Overall, Midjourney and other generative AIs have become increasingly popular tools for content creation, and their ability to create realistic and unique images is steadily improving. However, the question of attribution and ethical use of AI-created resources remains a controversial issue in the art and technology world.

Fans of generative AI image creation have reason to rejoice with the release of the latest version of Midjourney, V5, after five months of development. To start using it, simply select the ‘V5’ button when generating the image in Discord.

Midjourney has managed to stand out in recent months among fierce competition from Stable Diffusion (powered by open source) and OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 thanks to its high graphical quality, a quality that has been considerably improved in this new version.

Midjourney’s developers claim that the big new features in V5 are a wider range of styles that are more responsive to user input, much higher image quality (with twice the resolution of V4) and improved dynamic range, more detailed images and less unwanted text. A new argument for generating seamless tiles and support for aspect ratios greater than 2:1 has also been added, as well as an argument for weighting image prompts over text prompts. In addition, the developers emphasize that this model can generate much more realistic images than any previously released.

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