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In Tik Tok you have more than 1,1 million of followers and 738.000 in Instagram, what has lead you to grow up so fast?

Consistency is what has lead my platforms to grow so quickly. I make sure to post every single day on both platforms. Not only this but also I make sure the quality of the stuff I post is up to a certain standard. 

How has this situation changed your life?

My situation with social media has impacted my life in the way it has created a lot of opportunities for me. Not only for work but also my personal life. I’ve met some amazing people and traveled to some astounding places. All this while also being able to use it as an outlet to express myself.

Do you consider yourself as an influencer? Why?

I would consider myself to be an influencer to a certain extent. At this point I have a decent following but there’s plenty of room for growth.

Social Networks can be useful to demonstrate talent, but can also produce personal problems because of the criticism, have you suffered of this situation?

Over my years doing social media I have received criticism on many different occasions. This “criticism” hasn’t ever gotten to me because I choose to focus on the positive instead.

Would you like to work as a model in a future?

Yes! I would love to continue working as a model in the future and see what else I can turn it into.

Did you ever imagine this situation in the past?

Honestly, when I first started my social media I never thought it would become what it is now. It all started out as a hobby, so I’m thankful for all of the support I have gotten over the years. That’s a hard question to answer. 

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Sam Dezz Vanity Teen
Sam Dezz Vanity Teen

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I say this because ten years ago I never would have guessed I would be here right now. So I hope ten years from now I’ll still be traveling, modeling, and hopefully acting.

What advice would you give to young guys who want to have such presence in the social media?

My advice to younger guys who want to have a presence on social media would be to just go for it. Don’t let other people’s opinions get in your way. Make sure you have a game plan. Then focus your energy and attention on achieving it.

Which routine do you follow to keep your appearance?

To keep up my appearance I don’t do anything too crazy. I exercise 4 times a week and eat relatively healthy.

What do you think is the most important aspect for being successful in the social media Why?

I think the most important aspect to becoming successful on social media is authenticity. Not only this, but showing it through the content you make. People enjoy watching content that is genuine and original.

Text by Alejandro R. Guevara Lanero @alexxguevara 

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