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Justus Bennetts: not giving in to what others say

Justus Bennetts is here to show the world that music can improve your life when not giving in to what others have to say about your likes, tastes, or preferences is the best you can do to move forward.

This young man decided to live by being true to how he felt despite those who thought he should have taken different steps during his journey. For part of his life, he was like an outsider with almost no friends, but those few who stood with him helped him realize music was the way to go.

Nowadays, with his edgy songs in which he goes from pop to hip-hop to rock, Justus Bennetts has become the voice of a whole new wave of teenagers who feel he gets them and speaks the truth about getting through adolescence and overcoming all those things and people who bug you off.

So, we did not want to miss the opportunity to have this conversation with him to talk about his career, ongoing tour, collaboration with GAYLE, and more.


Justus Bennetts
Justus Bennetts | Photo by Joseph Governale @skyrizzo

Always down to write a song

VT: How did you find out music was the best way to express yourself?

JB: It was something I always gravitated toward, no matter what I was doing. I was always down to write a song.

VT: When you decided to pursue a career in music, did some people tell you that it would not be easy? If so, how do you deal with those opinions?

JB: Everyone told me it wasn’t going to be easy, but I had an idea in my head of what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be. I just put it all behind me and stopped caring what other people had to say.

VT: You are now with those who saw something special in you and have been supporting you. So, what would you like to say about them?

JB: They are the reason I was able to keep going. Without them, I simply wouldn’t be here.

Justus Bennetts
Justus Bennetts | Photo by Joseph Governale

Something more

VT: What is One Media, and why is that important to you?

JB: One Media started as an idea but quickly turned into something more. It gave me and others the ability to have easy access to affordable but quality recording equipment to develop themselves as artists.

VT: “Bad Day” and “Cool Kids” are two of your most popular singles. Why do you think people identify with those songs?

JB: They both are very broad and something that everyone has gone through, which is probably why most people identify with them.

VT: Your single “Don´t Trip” is out, and it’s a collaboration with GAYLE. How did that happen?

JB: Some friends and I made the song before the GAYLE collaboration came about, but I say she DMd me a while back, and I never saw it. When I finally did, I messaged her and sent her the song, and she sent a dope verse back. That’s what made me want to drop it in the first place.

Justus Bennetts & GAYLE – Don’t Trip | ©UMG

Not giving in to what others say

VT: What can you tell us about filming the music video and the overall message of “Don’t Trip”?

JB: The video just portrayed me and GAYLE as delinquent employees that had all these people asking for things and us just blatantly ignoring them. The song is about the same thing, not giving in to what others say and doing whatever you want.

VT: What can you share with us about your upcoming plans?

JB: I can say that I’m dropping a lot more music this year, along with a project.

VT: Given your relatability to teens, what message do you have for those who might be having a hard time in high school?

JB: High school isn’t as important as a lot may think. Pay attention and do your work, and don’t let the drama consume you because those people won’t have any effect on your life in the future.

VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

JB: I hope everyone is looking forward to all this music I’m dropping this year as much as I am!

Justus Bennetts
Justus Bennetts | Photo by Joseph Governale

Before we go

Back in time, when Justus Bennetts was a solitary boy from Orting in Washington State, maybe none imagined the impact he would have on current generations. But, I do not want us to see his story as a metaphor for being gentle to someone because you might not know what that person might become. Not even a bit! We should be kind to every person no matter what.

However, one thing I would like to remark about Justus Bennetts’ story is that you can follow your dreams and become who you are and not what others may want you to be. Think about your friends and close ones and how good they bring to your life. So, there is no need to spend your days trying to please those who do not care for you or even paying attention to them. As he did, find friends who understand you and push you to go for your goals.

Justus Bennetts will continue touring with GAYLE and doing solo performances across America. So, you may stay in the know on his social media by following him @justusbennetts.

Don’t forget to work hard and own your future.

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