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JC Stewart: I’ve been there

JC Stewart – Break My Heart (Official Video) – WMG

JC Stewart made us love him the first time we heard the phrase “loving you, it kills my courage” in his worldwide famous song Break my Heart released this year during the first week of January. Even though, it is well known that he has some really loyal fans who have been following his music for years.

Besides, even when he shines with his own light, he has been blessed with a group of friends who also are musicians and support his career; just for you to know, we can mention some names you already love like Niall Horan or Lewis Capaldi.

To be fair, how would not lots of true followers have been supporting his music for a long time if JC Stewart is like an open book who share with us stories about the highs and lows of every young person who has been in love or is looking for contentment?

This time I bring you an exclusive interview with him. I bet, after reading it, you will love him even more.

JC Stewart: green jacket
JC Stweart by Mark Mattock

Q: You have been singing, performing, and writing music since a young age but this year you could finally release When the Light Hits the Room, your EP. What can you tell us about the title, the love it is receiving, and the hard work that has been helping you make that dream come true?

It has been genuinely overwhelming. I always dreamed of doing a body of work someday, but to write it alongside one of my heroes and release it on my dream record label to be heard by people who actually care and are excited about it is insane. When the opportunity to release the EP came about we had about two weeks to finish all the songs and pull the whole thing together but they were two of the best weeks of my life I think. I’ll never forget that time. It is an EP about trying to figure out what I want, what the end goal is, and why I’m doing all this. It’s about me getting it wrong a lot and then maybe getting it right a little at the end. When the Light Hits the Room is about that light bulb moment when you realize you’re either not who you thought you were and are not looking for what you thought you were or, on the flip side, realizing that you’re exactly where you’re meant to be for a moment.

JC Stewart: face
JC Stweart by Mark Mattock

Q: Now, I am about to tell you two things, a name and a date:  Niall Horan and January the 6th, 2021. What comes to your mind when you hear those words?

Madness! Whoever let me write a single with Niall and release it into the world needs to take a long hard look at themselves. I still can’t really believe it’s real. I’m so proud of what we created together and the fact the people are reacting to it the way they are is so mad. Playing it live is going to be the ultimate win though.

Q: There are other important names related to your music, among them: Tom Odell and Lewis Capaldi. Please, could you tell us more about your collaboration with these beloved and worldwide-admired artists?

Working with other artists is my favorite thing. I think it’s because I still feel like a bit of a competition winner who’s just super lucky to be there! I’ve known Lewis for years now and we got to write Hollywood together that made it onto his album which has been insane to watch. Tom and I have been writing tones together. We’re really different writers but work together amazingly. Got lots of cool collaborations coming up soon, though.

JC Stewart: black jacket
JC Stweart by Mark Mattock

Q: How about Break My Heart and your experience as one of the MTV Push artists?

Again, I don’t know who let this happen, but this really just topped off all of the madness recently. I made the mistake of looking up who has been nominated in the past and BOY OH BOY does that make a guy feel inadequate. But for real, I’m so excited that they picked me that month (January) and it really means the world to me. I keep getting videos of people around the world watching “Break My Heart” come on their TV’s and I really still can’t get over it! Mad!

Q: I honestly love Rest of My Life so bad; therefore, I ask you the following: are you still looking for that kiss only lovers know exists?

I think I found it you know. I’m punching so far above my league it’s not even funnyI got very, very lucky.

JC Stewart
JC Stweart by Mark Mattock

Q: What are your expectations for the music tour you have planned around Europe this year? Are you planning to come to America?

It’s very hard to say at this point. I’ve been booked for all my dream festivals and booked an amazing tour but it’s really hard to know if it’s going to happen or not. Like everyone else, I miss it. A lot! It’s who I am as a person, a singer, and a musician. I was meant to play my first show in America in March last year and it got canceled the day before when everything was kicking off. I’m dying to come back and hang out in LA and play a few shows. I love it there so much.

JC Stewart: black and white.
JC Stweart by Mark Mattock

Q: It looks like cooking is another of your passions, what is it like your relationship with food and cooking?

I mean I love eating it. My girlfriend cooks the most amazing Vodka Rigatoni and I’ve stolen the recipe and convinced my friends that it’s mine. Needless to say, she is not happy at all! But I love attempting to cook and trying new things. If I could just eat sushi, and Buffalo wings for the rest of my life, though I’d be happy.

Q: Your songs talk about heartfelt issues many young people have experienced or are going through right now. Which mental health advice would you give to those teenagers who are feeling sad or brokenhearted?    

The main thing I’d say is that it does better. I’ve been there and most people I know have. Especially now, times are really hard but there is always hope, and it is going to be amazing when all this blows over to hang out together, to sing together, to dance together, to cry together, and to just be together. Personally, I’ve been finding that meditation has been really helping me. Mindfulness is such an important skill to try and learn. Also, try logging off your social media sometimes and just being with the people around you or by yourself, you’d be amazed how good that can be for your head.

Q: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

Can we all hang out and go and sing Karaoke when I’m back in America?

JC Stewart: red shirt.
JC Stweart by Mark Mattock

Before we go

We all dream of a world where approaching, touch and hug others is not a life or death risk, but, until that day comes again, let us enjoy JC Stewart songs as his music brings us together into a place where everyone can be truthful finding the strength and power of not being afraid of showing our desires and vulnerabilities.  

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