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Greta Gerwig Shatters Box Office Records with ‘Barbie

Top of the Charts: A Milestone Achievement

This week witnessed a remarkable cinematic triumph as Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’ topped the global box office charts, accumulating a staggering $850 million USD. This achievement enables Gerwig to supersede Jia Ling in the realm of highest-grossing films by a female director, previously held by ‘Hello, Li Huanying’ at $842 million USD.

Set for Greater Heights: ‘Barbie’ vs. ‘Super Mario Bros. The Movie’

With this success, ‘Barbie’ is on track to challenge the record held by ‘Super Mario Bros. The Movie,’ which garnered $574 million in North America and an overwhelming $1.35 billion worldwide. This development promises an exciting few weeks ahead as we await to see if ‘Barbie’ can surpass these figures.

The recent success of ‘Barbie’ signifies a new benchmark in Gerwig’s illustrious career and a thrilling moment for cinema. As the film continues its worldwide run, keep your eyes peeled for what may be the next record-breaking feat in the global box office.

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