Experiencing the "Xiangxin Life" Flash Mob Event by New Balance: A Unique Encounter with Everyday Beauty Experiencing the "Xiangxin Life" Flash Mob Event by New Balance: A Unique Encounter with Everyday Beauty Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Experiencing the “Xiangxin Life” Flash Mob Event by New Balance: A Unique Encounter with Everyday Beauty

The “Xiangxin Life” Flash Mob event by the renowned sportswear brand New Balance has kicked off live at the IAPM in Shanghai, captivating attendees with a unique fashion and lifestyle proposition.

The Perfect Fusion of Urban Style and Vacation Vibe

New Balance has launched its “Central Life” event with the aim of allowing attendees to experience “everyday beauty” through a one-of-a-kind experience. By representing summer scenes through illustrations, the brand has managed to transfer the essence of its latest clothing series into real life, creating an unparalleled experience that blends urban style with a vacation mood.

Art and Life Philosophy at the Heart of the Event

The event is not just about fashion, but also about New Balance’s life philosophy. The central inspiration of the Live With The New Balance clothing series is translated into the event through the work of four notable artists: illustrator PK, designer Seiji Matsumoto, fashion illustrator Mr. Slowboy, and graphic illustrator Naijel.

By recreating elements of urban life, from galleries and convenience stores to food trucks, these artists have been able to embody the “central life” concept with wit and originality. The result is a genuine and touching experience that reflects the true essence of New Balance.

Experience the Event Until May 15th

The Live With The New Balance “Life to the Heart” flash mob event will run until May 15th. With a relaxed, summery atmosphere, and the proposition of engaging installations on-site, this event seeks to awaken in consumers a longing for a better life.

New Balance not only provides a fashion experience but also invites consumers to explore their own “beautiful life” internally, conveying their life philosophy through a unique, interactive experience close to daily life.

The location of the “Xiangxin Life” pop-up event is at Mezzanine (LG1), Basement 1, Shanghai International Trade Plaza, No. 999 Huaihai Middle Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai. Be sure to experience everyday beauty with New Balance.

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