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Cameron Dallas ’Expelled’ movie review Cameron Dallas ’Expelled’ movie review Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Cameron Dallas ’Expelled’ movie review

’Expelled’ 20th Century Fox

Cameron Dallas ’Expelled’ movie review

First of all, I’m not very familiarized with AwesomenessTV and their movies but as many of you may know, we’ve been following Cameron Dallas’s career since the very beginning. 

In Expelled, he portrais a teenage prankster and a obnoxious high school student—Felix Oneil—who tries everything to hide his bad grades from his parents, right after being expelled.

Even when there are certain similarities with “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, it didn’t feel like a copy as others have claimed.
The plot of the entire movie is weak, and I sometimes felt like I was watching a 80 minute long YouTube video with good budget, but I still enjoyed it, mostly for Marcus Johns and Cameron Dallas, who made a remarkable job in this movie.
Cameron Dallas movie | Vanity Teen
I can’t say a lot about technical specifications because they’re certainly not worth discussing in a project like this, but I would’ve liked to see better actors in key roles. The acting of the person who portrayed his dad—I couldn’t find any information about him—really, really sucked. I’m glad he didn’t appear in the rest of the film.
In the other side, two of my other favorite actors included Emilio Palame—who portrayed Mr. Truman—and also Kristina Hayes—who interpreted Felix’s mom—. The rest of the cast did well, but didn’t convince me at all—including some featured viners—.
Cameron Dallas expelled movie | Vanity Teen
Many of us didn’t have any good expectations of this movie, but it’s been a great opportunity to see the progress of Cameron as an actor. He’s charming and charismatic, but the script and the direction didn’t do him justice. The same happened with Marcus.
I would love to see them working with better actors in more serious projects, with a better direction and stronger scripts. It would also be great to see them with their own TV show—a sitcom or a teen comedy-drama would fit them perfectly—.
As an experiment, this movie is satisfying. It’s worth noting that 20th Century Fox and AwesomenessTV released the film on theaters and on different Internet platforms. In a time when consumer habits have changed so drastically, with people consuming more and more content online, this is a great step forward—mostly to avoid piracy—. Just like with ’The Interview’.
Don’t expect an award winning movie, but it’s a cool film to watch a weekend with the family or some friends.

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