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Beatrice Bruschi: so intimate

Beatrice Bruschi
Beatrice Bruschi
Photos by Alessandro Peruggi | Look: Maison Valentino | Jewelry by Tiffany & Co.

The charming Italian actress Beatrice Bruschi is part of this new generation of actors who represents female empowerment, and she also defends equal rights for every person. Besides her talent, she has made charisma part of her personal branding.

Most of us came to know her thanks to her role in Skam Italia as the Italo-Tunisian student Sana Allagui. Due to the announcement of the fourth season of this popular series, and her recent collaboration with Tiffany & Co., we had an intimate conversation to talk about these topics, her plans for the future, mental health, and more.

So, be welcome to be part of this conversation only on Vanity Teen.

Beatrice Bruschi
Photos by Alessandro Peruggi | Look: Maison Valentino | Jewelry by Tiffany & Co.
Beatrice Bruschi
Photos by Alessandro Peruggi | Look: Maison Valentino | Jewelry by Tiffany & Co.

We are all inspirations for somebody

VT: What do you like the most about your career? And, what is the most challenging about it?

BB: Acceptance. When you play a character, you are someone else for a period of time, so you have to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

You have to understand, to know the character’s way of thinking, way of living without judgment, and that’s the most beautiful part: opening yourself and showing your vulnerabilities.

I can say that it is also the most challenging because creating this process could be very hard, and sometimes, showing yourself too much could be dangerous.

Beatrice Bruschi
Beatrice Bruschi
Photos by Alessandro Peruggi | Look: Maison Valentino | Jewelry by Tiffany & Co.

VT: Social media have been a charming platform for you. There, many people follow your beauty tips and see you as an inspiration. How does that make you feel? Have you ever thought about yourself as a role model?

BB: I’ve always been a person like everyone else. I would have never thought to be an inspiration for somebody, but maybe this is the point; we are all inspirations for somebody, but the difference is that some people have a kind of megaphone, and they can reach a bigger number of listeners.

It’s important to me to be aware of what you say to others and take it like a style of life and not just the responsibility of being known.

VT: Having in mind your previous answer, who are your biggest inspirations, and why?

BB: I have many inspirations in my everyday life. I try to learn the most that I can from everybody. Sometimes you take and give to people you don’t even know, just after a word. That’s the amazing part of life.

So intimate

VT: Let us talk about your current projects. So first, what would you like to tell us about being an ambassador of the iconic worldwide jewelry reference Tiffany & Co?

BB: Well, it’s an honor to me. I have loved Tiffany & Co. since I was a little girl. I think that I have at least 20 different articles at home.

They have always been with me in all the moments of my life, and most of the time, Tiffany’s jewels are the gifts I give or receive when there is a special connection. I can say the relationship that I have with Tiffany is so intimate.

Beatrice Bruschi
Beatrice Bruschi
Photos by Alessandro Peruggi | Look: Maison Valentino | Jewelry by Tiffany & Co.

VT: Skam Italia became a landmark of your career; therefore, what is it like to be part of a TV show that openly talks to the youth?

BB: I started when I was 20, so I wasn’t so far from the age of the characters. When I read the script, I remember that I thought: “Finally! I wish I had a series like this a couple of years ago”.

We needed a project which talked to teenagers in this way, with truth and honesty. I am glad for being part of this, and when I meet fans who are “helped” in a certain way by the series, you understand the importance of working with awareness.

VT: As we are talking about Skam Italia, on a personal level, what have you learned from Sana Allagui and all she has gone through because, among other things, she is considered different?

BB: So many things. I learned a lot from her strength, her determination, her way of defending uniqueness and plurality. But one of the most beautiful and unexpected parts of Sana from which I learned the most was her vulnerability, was the fear that she had of being a teenager.

Muslim or not, we are people, and we all feel the same emotions. Sana, first of all, is a person who wants to be happy like all of us, having friends, being free to practice her religion, having the life that is right for her.

We have to appreciate our uniqueness

VT: How do you take care of your mental health?

BB: I have an amazing psychotherapist. She is the person who is helping me to work on myself. I think it’s so important to start this kind of path; we all have things to work on. Mostly, in these times where we are bombed by so many stereotypes to follow, we never feel enough, or we never feel comfortable with ourselves.

VT: Which words would you like to share with those having bad times due to peer pressure and stereotypes?

BB: I know it’s hard because it’s a tricky trap, but we have to appreciate our uniqueness; we are not (luckily) perfect, but our “imperfections” are what make us special.

I am more than sure that every single person in the world has something amazing to say and to share with others. So let’s work on it!

Beatrice Bruschi
Beatrice Bruschi
Photos by Alessandro Peruggi | Look: Maison Valentino | Jewelry by Tiffany & Co.

VT: What can you share with us about your plans for the future?

BB: I’m working on something top secret, and I’m starting activities with children in hospitals. I would like in my future to open a refuge for children who weren’t lucky like us to have a place to stay and food to eat.

VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

BB: Think out of the box!

Before we go

We love that Beatrice Bruschi is spontaneous and honest when it comes to expressing her thoughts and feelings. Also, her kind attitude towards others makes her an even more lovely person.

As you can see, we cannot deny that her charming increases when we realize that, unlike many other celebrities, she does not try to hide her fears or aspirations, and that allows her to be empathic and a wholehearted young woman.

We can keep posted on her new activities and kind messages on her social media @beabrus

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