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Barefoot love: 6 on-screen examples

Being barefoot is how we call when someone is not wearing footwear and their feet are somehow naked. Nevertheless, right now, I am not pretending to elucidate some medical explanations about the pros and cons of feeling your feet free from socks and shoes. No, I am simply going to say some people just love feet, and you are about to see a few examples of how that attraction to feet has been subtlety (and sometimes clearly) shown in some famous media.

1. OK, it is part of the plot

foot: Uma Thurman in Kill Bill (Vol.1)
Still of Uma Thurman in Kill Bill (Vol. 1) ©MIRAMAX

In 2003 the world went crazy for a female-based revenge story brought to us thanks to the old-fashioned-full-of-violence enlightened mind of Quentin Tarantino. In the movie Kill Bill, The Bride, portrayed by Uma Thurman, seeks her vendetta after being put in a coma for a gang of high-level assassins.

When The Bride wakes up, she needs to escape the hospital but she cannot move her body from the waist down. Therefore, our heroine starts to talk to herself, and that way we heard the famous “wiggle your big toe” phrase. So, it was expected from us to see The Bride´s feet here and there for a while.

By the way, of course, there are other barefoot scenes in the two-part action movie.

2. Come on, Guadagnino!

What can I say about the successful coming-of-a-age drama Call Me By Your Name? Besides some nudity, the clear age gap between the lovers, the countless shirtless moments, and the, I’m-not-going-to-talk-about-it, peach scene, our beloved Luca Guadagnino leaves us a foot-kissing memento.

3. Euphoria made us look

foot: Still of Zendaya in Euphoria ©HBO
Still of Zendaya in Euphoria ©HBO

Euphoria is all about polemics and, among other reasons, we love it for that; but episode 3: Made you look, is the one to be remembered: deep talks about addiction, a dissertation about the creeps of guys who send dick pics, and, after Barbie Ferreira as her online persona KittenKween realizes some people pay to watch feet online, she is ready for making some business.

If you pay attention, you will also see that in almost every episode one or more characters are shown barefoot.

4. Archie is fine without sneakers

foot: Still of KJ Apa in Riverdale © CW
Still of KJ Apa in Riverdale © CW

Yes, most of the things we see in Riverdale beat the odds, probably that it is part of its charm and, for whatever reasons, the directors find good excuses to show feet on screen, like that time Archie worked out literally with his feet on the ground.

5. From time to time, The Pogues take off their shoes

On the Netflix show Outer Banks, the crew of friends not only solves mysteries, but also goes to parties, and shares their secrets on the beach; and you know sand gets everywhere so, they have to let the feet be free.

6. You knew Tarantino would be here at least twice

foot: Still of Margot Robbie in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood ©Columbia Pictures
Still of Margot Robbie in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood ©Columbia Pictures

We know Quentin Tarantino has some affection for feet, so pick any of his movies and you will see it. Anyhow, if you watched Once Upon A Time in Hollywood you know that seems as if someone asked him out loud: “how many feet?” and mister Tarantino screamed a big “yes!”.

Before we go

It could be simple attraction or just some kind of philia lovers of the psychoanalysis like to explore to the depths of it, but the truth is whether you pay attention to it or not, feet are around and some directors do not miss any opportunity to show them on screen. So, if you do have podophilia-like levels of foot attraction, who am I to judge?

That being said, remember to protect your feet, they can take you to many amazing places.

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