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Gloria Trevi: we went crazy

Gloria Trevi is back and brings new music. Nos Volvimos Locos (We Went Crazy) is her latest single featuring the Puerto Rican urban music star Guaynaa.

She always has been portrayed as the rebel soul she is, but her strong image, vivid laughter, and loud music are just little if you compare them with the amount of love and positivity she is willing to share with those who want to enjoy the moment, and love others.

We had a conversation to talk about her career, new music, and projects. So, if you are ready to go a little crazy, be more than ready to enjoy this interview with Gloria Trevi for Vanity Teen.

Gloria Trevi
Gloria Trevi | Photo by Álex Córdoba

Music and life, life and music

VT: You have been a music pioneer as you always use your songs to express yourself inside out with no feelings left. Thus, how would you define what music has meant to your life?

GT: Well, music to me has been like my own diary; through music, I have been like an open book, I have told you my happiest moments, as well as those times in which I have cried tears of blood; but also, right now it helps me to tell you that I am going crazy! (laughs). Crazy for getting back and staying in touch with you once more.

VT: How do you feel when you realize that, after all of these years, you have an audience of faithful fans who have been supporting every one of your projects; and now, as well, there are new generations that discover your music, enjoy it, and feel identified with it?

GT: I feel thankful for those fans who have been with me through all this journey. And, well, beyond excited and grateful for the new people, youth, and children, for all the people who listen to my music, who dance it off, who sing it along, who sing it in karaoke; I mean, thank you all.

Gloria Trevi & Guaynaa
Gloria Trevi & Guaynaa | Photo by Álex Córdoba

Let them look

VT: How was your experience as being part of the Netflix international sensation La Casa de las Flores (The House Of Flowers)?

GT: Oh, my! Honestly, being part of La Casa de las Flores (House of Flowers) was something really nice because when I watched the first season, I was amazed when I saw the girls impersonating me (laughs). And, I think it was an excellent job what the director and all the team did with the show. I mean, it was a beautiful experience.

VT: Songs like Todos Me Miran (All Eyes On Me) have made you an icon for the LGTBQI+ communities. What would you like to say about it?

GT: The truth is that Todos Me Miran is a song that was made for every female soul.

But not exclusively for female souls; for example, once, I was invited to a radio show and the host said that he felt identified with Todos Me Miran because there was a time in which he was bullied because he was a heavy kid, and now that he was the radio personality most famous in the city, he started to feel like everyone was paying attention to him and listening to him.

However, it is honestly marvelous what I am about to say: a song might be forgotten when it becomes a hit for general audiences; but, when a song is a hit for the LGBTI+ communities becomes an instant classic.

Gloria Trevi y Guaynaa
Gloria Trevi & Guaynaa | Photo by Álex Córdoba

We went crazy

VT:  You are releasing new music. What can you tell us about this new single with Guaynaa?

GT: I can tell you that this song, Nos Volvimos Locos (We Went Crazy), is a collaboration with Guaynaa, is a song that will make you go crazy, it will make you have lots of fun, you will be able to flirt with it, and hook up if you like (laughs).

I totally recommend you to stay in touch with all my social media because we will be doing some games and challenges on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and in every other media you know, or it is about to be launched (laugh).

VT: How about your new projects? What can you share with us so far?

GT: This song, Nos Volvimos Locos (We Went Crazy), is just a tease of all the new music I am bringing to all of you.

Before the end of the year, I will be releasing two new singles, and for the next year, I will be releasing the whole album. This will be setting the tone for my new tour.

Thus, there are lots of projects coming over, a bio-series, and so much more.

Gloria Trevi, Guaynaa performing Nos Volvimos Locos. Universal Music Latino; ©2021 UMG Recording, Inc.

Love also means going a little crazy

VT: You always have been active in sharing with charity events and supporting non-governmental organizations. That being said, why do you consider we all should support those who are in need?

GT: I have been active with those activities, but I must recognize that all this has been possible because of lots of people who have been helping me to keep going with it.

I consider we all should help everyone who needs us. Because, while homophobic attacks and acts of racism might make us think that humanity is going backward, I can tell you that things are not that way.

We have been going forward, taking giant steps, and only the cowards, the ignorant ones, are those who do nothing but kicking and screaming with such violence looking at how far we have come.

Thus, I think for that reason it is important that we do good to all. That we respond to violence with love and help.

VT: Which mental health advice would you like to share with our readers?

GT: Man, did not you hear that we all went crazy! (laughing out loud) Haha! I mean, if you go a little crazy, that helps you to stay sane.

Acts of love

VT: Would you like to share a message with those young people who might be going through hard times due to discrimination or bullying?

GT: My words to all of you align with what I just said. That bullying, that violence, and that discrimination are desperate acts of people who know nothing but that they are losing this war and we are winning it.

VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

GT: Many thanks to all the readers, viewers, and every person who is following us through Vanity Teen Magazine and its social media. I love you a lot!

I send you lots of kisses, and, please, stream Nos Volvimos Locos (We Went Crazy), play it, share this song, dedicate it to someone because when you do it, you will be sending love!

Gloria Trevi & Guaynaa
Gloria Trevi & Guaynaa | Photo by Álex Córdoba

Before we go

I cannot tell you enough how much fun I had during this interview. I could not stop laughing alongside Gloria Trevi and her enthusiastic answers. Despite being one of the funniest and emotionally bombastic people on Earth, she radiates such a nice and amazing energy that embraces you with love and acceptance.

With Nos Volvimos Locos (We Went Crazy), Gloria Trevi invites us to let things go, enjoy the moment, and spread love. Therefore, let us remember her kind message and keep loving, never stop sending love to everyone because even now, when times seem rough, we are winning this war.

Love always finds a way.

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