"Young Attitude": Wu Jiacheng 伍嘉成 by Huan Wang Vanity Teen China "Young Attitude": Wu Jiacheng 伍嘉成 by Huan Wang Vanity Teen China Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

“Young Attitude”: Wu Jiacheng 伍嘉成 by Huan Wang Vanity Teen China

Young Chic X “Vanity Teen”. Life has its high and low waves, so it is always necessary to surf them with attitude, and if there is someone who knows how to go with the waves of life is no other than singer and actor Wu Jiacheng 伍嘉成 (I.G. @x9wu5, Weibo), who with had the pleasure to featured and talk to for Vanity Teen China.

From his debut five years ago with X NINE (X玖少年团) to starring in tv series, movies, and musical appearances, the young artist has experienced the infinite scenery standing on a high place, experiencing the changes and breakthroughs in the exploration on the road to pursue dreams. Facing the ups and downs of life’s motion, Wu Jiacheng is still the shining and cool boy whose confident, free, sincere, and fresh attitude has helped him to be where he wants to be.

Captured under the lens of Huan Wang, the artist was styled by Xuanying He using pieces from Angel Chen, Coach, Represent, Feng Chen Wang, FDMTL, Staffonly, Clarks, and Mualica.

Being July 18, Vanity Teen wishes Wu Jiacheng a happy birthday! All the best to one of our favorite artists.

Another celebration to mark, apart from being the artist’s birthday, 2021 also marks the fifth anniversary of his debut on X-NINE, therefore  Wu Rens will be excited to know that Wu Jiacheng recently announced a “5” concert tour, which will arrive in five cities of China: Nanjing, Beijing, Chongqing, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou.

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