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Trying to decipher the Gucci vault enigma Trying to decipher the Gucci vault enigma Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Trying to decipher the Gucci vault enigma

By Laura Pérez

“Prepare your senses, Gucci Vault is coming”. Gucci’s mysterious project has been a source of suspense since the beginning of the summer. Between cryptic phrases, prints, art, geometry, and colour, Alessandro Michele’s fashion house is creating a lot of buzz about its next initiative. We try to decode it.

Will Gucci Vault be a new extrasensory experience? It seems to be the case. The high-end label began to lead us into this mysterious story at the beginning of the summer season, dropping clues through a sort of real-life Clue (without the murderer). The origin of it all: some Instagram stories and tweets. Then there was silence.

After that enigma-induced hiatus, Gucci has recently been dropping hints about the show in the form of hypnotic animations and cryptic phrases such as: Vault is what you think it is. Or is it what you think it isn’t?

The brand has also projected into this imaginary a series of audio questions and answers and a playlist published on Spotify and Apple Music that seemingly evokes -like the whole project- to the relationship between the past, the present and the future. Following this line, all the contents that have been shared on the networks allude precisely to vintage themes or merge tradition with contemporaneity in the same concept, something that Alessandro Michele has already explored in depth.

This work of art takes on a multidimensional feel throughout all these concepts that embrace disciplines such as architecture with digital animations installed in New York, Milan and London. Those #GucciArtWall’s are precisely one of the latest clues the house has given us, although we’ll have to wait to the drop date on September 25th to complete the whole puzzle.

Text by Laura Pérez

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