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tripleS: A Unique Rookie Fairytale

tripleS (@triplescosmos) is a rookie force from the fresh-faced company MODHAUS that’s undoubtedly “rising” on the music scene, having created a compelling K-pop experience designed to build something daring and new. But of course, pursuing something spectacular also entails the obvious challenges attached to breaking new ground – and in this instance, resulted in a girl group initiative that would include a total of 24 members by the time its complete vision is brought to life. 

tripleS: A Unique Rookie Fairytale tripleS: A Unique Rookie Fairytale Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
Editorial Director: Aedan Juvet | Photographer: Min Suk Kim | HMUA: Kim Choi and Woo Naru | Stylist: Suzy Choi | Photographer Assistant: Hwang Se Woong | HMUA Assistant: Lee Hwajin | Styling Assistant: Chun Ran Graphic Designer: Laramie Cheyenne | Fashion: @95jieun_official, @de_hannahshin, @fluffy_fairy.fff, @mhwa_mhwa, @pipetta_official

Through their ‘S’ member labeling system, the trusted and original MODHAUS method would unveil a single member at a time with an ‘S’ title (S1-S24) giving each new addition a moment to get acquainted with their established fanbase and new music-focused sisterhood. Taking things a step further, the overall desire to expand creativity didn’t end with a vast group either but actually continued with the final product of their art – offering tripleS fans to spearhead the future of their discography, and potent sub-units. 

To date, the group, which currently includes S1-S14, has already offered the world the smash hit single “Generation” from their introductory four-member-sub-unit Acid Angel from Asia (which has since been disassembled by MODHAUS), followed by an electric album with S1-S12 (ASSEMBLE), and now, the upcoming +(KR)ystal Eyes unit that’s aiming to explore a totally different tripleS dynamic. 

As the bold new girl group heads into this next chapter of their evolutionary story with the promise of pristine music, driven members, and plenty of potential still waiting to be unveiled – we spoke with a few of the tripleS rookies (that includes their very first ‘S’ enlisted and even the youngest of this evolutionary group) diving right into this enchanting K-pop fairytale. 

Firstly, thank you so much for being our first members of tripleS to take part in this cover project, we’re all very excited to have you! Can you go ahead and introduce yourselves individually along with what you believe your designated role in the group could be?

SeoYeon: Hello, this is S1 SeoYeon, the first member of tripleS, and the eldest member of +(KR)ystal Eyes.

Kaede: I don’t have a designated role in the group, but I find myself to be the main dancer.

DaHyun: Hello, this is DaHyun from tripleS! I’m in charge of the main vocals and the reaction fairy! 

YeonJi: Hello. My name is YeonJi, and I’m currently the youngest member of the group.

So, how did you each come to join this bold, visionary group – and what was the biggest selling point that attracted you to tripleS?

SeoYeon: I didn’t know much about tripleS because I joined the group as its first member. But I was sure that this group was trying something new that had not been done by other idol groups. So, I then decided to take on the challenge.

Kaede: I was fascinated by how new sub-units get formed through Gravity every season. Acid Angel from Asia and +(KR)sytal Eyes were the first sub-units to be formed. I’m more than excited to see what awaits tripleS after the +(KR)ystal Eyes active period.

DaHyun: I joined Modhaus in February of 2022 through the recommendation of my teacher. After about a year of training as a small s [trainee], I joined tripleS as S10! There was barely any information about tripleS when I joined the agency, so my interest gradually grew as I got to see the members get revealed one by one.

YeonJi: I was fascinated by the idea of 24 members getting divided into sub-units through a voting system. I found this to be refreshing, as the group had the potential to change in its shape and form.

Because the group is exploring new territory, you don’t have another path to follow as a reference, which is just another reason this is a brave group concept! What would you say is a specific quality or attribute that feels exclusive to tripleS in today’s K-pop landscape?

SeoYeon: The clothing, motivational lyrics, and music are all qualities that are special to tripleS. Especially lyrics like, “The Stronger The Rain, The Stronger I Become” which strongly resonated with me during the “Rising” period. It’s great to be performing music that portrays the stories of girls like us who are trying to achieve our dreams.

Kaede: As I mentioned earlier, there’s our voting system called Gravity. In short, Gravity is a voting system where the fans get to vote through our application, COSMO. Fans being able to vote for the specific members to be part of specific sub-units is something that’s exclusive to tripleS.

DaHyun: Definitely the fact that tripleS is a fan-participating girl group. Our concepts are always going to be voted on by our fans. I find this to be the most distinct quality of tripleS! Till now, fans have voted for the member placements of sub-units, the main song of an album, and our fandom name. I hope that the fans can vote for other variables as well!

YeonJi: I find the addicting music, the trendy music videos, and the clothing choices to be the special qualities of tripleS. It may sound strange hearing this from the youngest member of the group, but something about tripleS’ production feels familiar and nostalgic.

It’s also really interesting to watch this play out in real-time too because we get to see you meet new members, discover how songs are chosen as you mentioned, and even witness your reaction to this remarkable experience. Looking back at the time you first joined tripleS, what’s one thing or memory from that day that will stick with you forever?

SeoYeon: Since I’ve been part of tripleS from the time when I was the only member, I can’t forget the times when new members joined the group. Being S1, I did enjoy the exclusive feeling of when I was the only member of the group though!

Kaede: The day I moved into the HAUS remains a great memory. I had only seen the members on screen, and I never met any of the other small s, so moving into the HAUS was a very special moment for me. Feeling extremely nervous, I couldn’t even sleep properly the night before. But I couldn’t hide my happiness once I arrived at the HAUS.

DaHyun: Moving into the HAUS after being revealed tripleS’ S10 is the most memorable moment for me. I was so nervous back then that I was shaking so much. Looking back, it feels like a cute and a bit of an embarrassing memory.

YeonJi: The day Tone unnie and I flew into Korea from Japan is the most memorable day for me. Tone unnie and I were revealed in Tokyo. So, I was curious about the lives of the other S who were in Korea. Life in Japan was really nice and fascinating, but I wanted to go to Korea and get closer to the other unnies ASAP.

Considering that fans are the driving force behind your future promotions – what kind of sounds or styles do you each hope you get the chance to explore eventually?

SeoYeon: We are going to be attempting various styles, but I wanna try unique styles that we can vibe to through dancing. It’d be even better if the choreography had room for improvisation for us to express ourselves in the moment.

Kaede: I wanna try a unique and fascinating girls’ concept. A concept that could capture the attention of the audience right away.

DaHyun: I wanna try an adorable concept that differs from the chic concept from our Rising active period. That’s ‘cause I wanna share our numerous charms! Surely, we’ll be able to pull off the lovely and cute concepts as well!

YeonJi: I wanna try something in the Y2K style. But of course, it’d be even better if the Y2K style is mixed with sounds and topics that are enjoyed by this generation too.

In that same respect, if you could each make your hand-picked unit to pursue your dream songs, who from the entire tripleS lineup would you choose to perform it with?

SeoYeon: I’m down to be part of any sub-unit, but the thought I’m having right now is forming one with the other 03 babies. As a trio sub-unit with Nien and DaHyun, we’ll be able to showcase our various chemistries since we have contrasting charms and fortes.

Kaede: I wanna perform with NaKyoung unnie, HyeRin, and YuBin. We practice dancing together when it’s just the 3 of us in the ATOM Office. Since we try numerous choreographies together, we synchronize pretty well and it’s always a good time. I wanna be able to enjoy that synergy on stage as well.

DaHyun: I wanna create a sub-unit with Nien, HyeRin, and Kaede. I think our bright energies and strong performances could create an outstanding combination!

YeonJi: I’ve always wanted to try something hip. But now, I also wanna try something pure and cute in the Y2K style. With that in mind, I wanna perform with JiWoo, SeoYeon, YuBin, DaHyun, HyeRIn, ChaeYeon, and SooMin.

If you were going to choose one thing that you’d like your members to recognize you for, what is the most important quality to you on a personal level?

SeoYeon: Unlike my single-eyelid Pochacco image, I’ve got a hidden charm of having a low voice. I tend to be playful in moments of joy, but deep inside, I also have a gentle side where I deeply value interpersonal relationships.

Kaede: That would be my dancing skills. I’ve been taking dance lessons since I was in elementary school. The atmosphere and my glance completely change when I dance, so you can get to see a different side of myself!

DaHyun: I find that to be my voice! I hope to improve the quality of tripleS’ songs with my voice!

YeonJi: I find that to be the charm of my personality. As the youngest member of tripleS, I have an innocent baby-like charm, but I also find myself to be cool and honest.

As of May 2023, there will have been three tripleS album releases, so after either witnessing or participating in the first era of tripleS – what’s something that you’re most eager to experience together before the year is over?

SeoYeon: I look forward to having a blast with our fans at the concerts. I can’t wait to make these special memories before 2023 comes to an end. Pre-Con, which happened alongside our ASSEMBLE EP release, meant a lot to me, since I was able to enjoy the stage with the fans. I hope to make more of these memories with everyone.

Kaede: I wanna continue performing in new Dimensions with the members. Since we performed as a full group during the united Rising promotion period, we may have to split up into a few sub-units. But nonetheless, it’s gonna be a good time since we’re so close to each other.

DaHyun:That’d be tripleS’ concerts. I wanna show a great performance in front of our fans!

YeonJi: It’d be our upcoming music. I hope to make ourselves better known on various music charts. And I wanna be able to record and perform music that you can frequently hear on the streets.

tripleS: A Unique Rookie Fairytale tripleS: A Unique Rookie Fairytale Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
Editorial Director: Aedan Juvet | Photographer: Min Suk Kim | HMUA: Kim Choi and Woo Naru | Stylist: Suzy Choi | Photographer Assistant: Hwang Se Woong | HMUA Assistant: Lee Hwajin | Styling Assistant: Chun Ran Graphic Designer: Laramie Cheyenne | Fashion: @95jieun_official, @de_hannahshin, @fluffy_fairy.fff, @mhwa_mhwa, @pipetta_official

The tripleS EP ASSEMBLE was the first to show a majority of the members in an inspiring and unifying way, but there have since been at least three new additions, including you, Yeonji, that we’re excited to see appear in the future! As more girls are added to the group, what other types of personalities or voices would you like to see added to tripleS?

SeoYeon: tripleS is eventually gonna expand to a total of 24 members. I hope someone responsible who can lead and take care of the members joins the group.

Kaede: I hope someone positive, and someone I can lean on, joins the group.

DaHyun: I hope an unnie-like figure with charisma and leadership joins the group! I feel like something about her arrival would add a girl-crush vibe to the group!

YeonJi: There’s already a variety of voices in the group, but I hope a member with a mid-low voice joins the group.

tripleS: A Unique Rookie Fairytale tripleS: A Unique Rookie Fairytale Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
Editorial Director: Aedan Juvet | Photographer: Min Suk Kim | HMUA: Kim Choi and Woo Naru | Stylist: Suzy Choi | Photographer Assistant: Hwang Se Woong | HMUA Assistant: Lee Hwajin | Styling Assistant: Chun Ran Graphic Designer: Laramie Cheyenne | Fashion: @95jieun_official, @de_hannahshin, @fluffy_fairy.fff, @mhwa_mhwa, @pipetta_official

Finally, when it comes to the addition of the final 11 girls, what advice or words of wisdom do you have for any aspiring members of tripleS?

SeoYeon: tripleS applicants… if you’re reading this, please come through. I’m waiting for you! I haven’t been that much of a go-getter in my life. But taking on these various challenges as a tripleS member has been a ride. Now let’s ride together!

Kaede: We are always 1 and also 24. Let’s help each other out.

DaHyun: It’s a beautiful thing to be chasing after a dream. There are always gonna be moments where you wanna give up and forget about it all. But when you look back after hanging in there, you’ll realize that you’ve been doing so well! We’ll be waiting for you!

YeonJi: You got this!

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