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Theo Levy by Lukibaa

Parisian model and new face of Universe Scout Street Hunting @universescoutandstreethunting Theo Levy @theolevy appears in this romantic fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online by Paris-based photographer Lukibaa @lukibaa.

The shooting took place in the 16th floor of a gorgeous Haussmannian appartement in Paris using a Canon EOS 80D and the natural light that came in through the windows. Through this editorial the photographer wanted to tell a story that everyone could relate to: our thoughts. We can be thinking for hours and weeks without seeing our thoughts changing, unlike our environment that ages. Thoughts are a beautiful thing, we can think about the same thing for days, weeks, months and years. 

Fascinated by patience, he waits on this sofa, time passes, the furniture ages but his memories remain. In this Haussmannian appartement, he lives, watches and observes through this window the seasons passing, the rain falling on the windows, the wind blowing and the sun coming. The sun reflects on his skin and sheds light on the sofa. They both merge and live together. The purity of his skin and the scar on his eyebrow show a hardness in the eyes of a young man. We don’t know if he is dreaming or reflecting on his adventurous past.

“The Two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” 

Leo Tolstoy

In charge of the styling was Polis @polisview, who brought together the best Gucci clothes that reflect the editorial’s vibes and feelings. The photographer’s style is also seen in the way the models plays with his hands, this gorgeous natural light that floods the room with yellowish tones and the model look the camera, looking right directly to the eyes of the viewer.

Model Theo Levy @theolevy represented by Universe Scout and Street Hunting @universescoutandstreethunting photographed by Lukibaa @lukibaa styled by Polis @polisview in in Paris. Exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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