Lautaro Rodriguez by Joel Beraldi

Shot in the of City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Photographer Joel Beraldi (I.G. @joelberaldi) captures under his lens Argentinian actor Lautaro Rodriguez (I.G. @lautaro_rodriguez), known for his roles as Caíto in Martín Deus movie My Best Friend (Mi Mejor Amigo) and Lucas in Dolores (Acusada), set to hit theaters on September 2018.  Exclusive for Vanity Teen!

Mijael Slot by Joel Beraldi

''Take Me There'' by Photographer Joel Beraldi @joelberaldi starring Mijael Slot @mijaelslot  at Civiles @civiles with styling by Agustina Lemos @lemosagus. Exclusive by Vanity Teen! Agency: Civiles @civiles

Gino & Matias by Joel Beraldi

Model Gino Pasqualini @gino_pasqualini, represented by Sun Models @sunmodelmanagement, and Matias Bottazzi @matias.bottazzi at Muse Management @musemgt, photographed by Joel Beraldi @joelberaldi, exclusive for Vanity Teen Online!

Boys by Joel Beraldi

All boys are photographed by Joel Beraldi @joelberaldi,  in exclusive for Vanity Teen online!  Model Federico Rosales at Universe Management @universemanagement @federosales3 Model Emanuel Fioroni  @emanuelfioroni Model Franco García represented by Universe Managemenr  @francolgarcia Model Nicolas Waehner  represented by Epbookers @epbookers @nicolaswaehner Model Francisco Castro represented by Universe Management.  @castrofran__

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