Spring Air Sebastián Villalobos by Elys Berroteran Spring Air Sebastián Villalobos by Elys Berroteran Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Spring Air Sebastián Villalobos by Elys Berroteran

As the photographer Elys Berroteran @elysmcm and Sebastián Villalobos @sebas are in New York City, they have decided to meet up to take some photos touring some places in the city, having fun and having a good time. Spring is here, the trees are blooming, the city is full of flowers and there is an atmosphere of joy that can be felt all around. Together, Elys and Sebas have created this amazing fashion editorial exclusively for Vanity Teen online!

Spring Air Sebastián Villalobos by Elys Berroteran Spring Air Sebastián Villalobos by Elys Berroteran Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Q: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself for those who might not know you? 

A: Hello everyone, my name is Sebastián Villalobos, but y’all just can call me Sebas. I’m from Bucaramanga, Colombia, I started my career as a Youtuber almost 10 years ago from home. Life was showing me the next steps that I had to follow, so now I’m preparing myself for my artistic journey as a singer, because I love music and my dream is that my music goes to every single corner in the world, I want to change lives with it!

Q: How did you start in the entertainment industry and what made you do it? Was it an easy journey? 

A: I was almost finishing school and I discovered people on the internet making random and funny videos. I liked that and I’ve always recorded with my family some videos as well, just for us. Then I made the choice of uploading my videos to YouTube, and they started to get a lot of views, random people started following me on my social media, and I got addicted to it. My channel was a different process while I was creating the format I really wanted for my videos, but it was great because I have always tried to be myself. And then, music appeared on my channel. I love singing since I have memory. However, I never told my community that I actually liked singing during the first three years on YouTube, so I uploaded my first cover all of a sudden, and even today that’s my most viewed video. That’s where the story began.

Q: What do you like the most about your job? Was it always what you wanted to do in your life? 

A: The thing that I love the most about my job is that I don’t feel that I’m working, you know? When you love what you do, you don’t consider it work. It’s like you’re dreaming all the time. I really love every single thing that I have to do it in my job: making music, songwriting, recording, make music videos, upload, see people’s reaction, concerts, meet and greats, even seeing the fans in the streets and listening to what they have to tell me. I love everything about it.

Q: You have already accomplished so many great things in your professional career despite your young age. What’s next for you? 

A: Well, yeah. I think all these things that I did before were a preparing camp or something like that. For every new thing that is coming to my life and career, 2020 was one of the most important years for me, because I started paying attention to my priorities and starting to feel good about myself as a human being. I was hurt by things that even I didn’t know that I had, it was hard but it was perfect timing as well. Now I’m feeling that I can do everything I want it. My dreams are put on my music, my family, my mental health, and God. So, the next move for me it’s A LOT OF MUSIC.

Q: If you had the power of changing anything, what would you change? 

A: I want to changes lives. I’ve always participated in social projects to help people around the world. As a Colombian, I used to know that with the influence that I have, I have the responsibility to make a difference. I’ve been even in Bangladesh trying to help the Rohingya community. Now my main instrument it’s gonna be my music, but I hope I still get these opportunities in the future, to help people in different ways. Mental health is really important too.

Q: I’ve seen on your Instagram that you wear super cool clothes and sneakers. What inspires your outfits? Do you like fashion? Tell us about your clothes and sneakers.  

A: I definitely love fashion, I love feeling fresh, to make my own style and add some urban things to it. I do love sneakers, I collect them, and I get inspired by other people’s styles. When I was in New York creating this editorial I was dying with the style of everyone. The cultural mix is my passion and I learned so much about that. In addition, I used to live in Miami, and there there are a lot of Latino cultures mixing as well, so it’s funny and inspiring for me in the creative way, to wear everything I want to create my own fashion, parce.

Q: What would you say to those who want to follow your path and work in this industry? 

A: Keep dreaming, believe in your dreams (they really talk to you), and work to make your eight-year-old version and your eighty-year-old version feel proud of yourself at the same time.

Sebastián Villalobos @sebas by Elys Berroteran @elysmcm assisted by Nicolas Ritz @nicolasritz_, fashion by RIPNDIP @ripndip, Carlos Benguigui @carlosbenguigui, La Chaqueteria @lachaqueteria, Nike @nike exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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