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Saba Abramishvili by Philip Raphael

Photographer Philip Raphael @visionofstudio presents a fantastic fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the gorgeous new face model Saba Abramishvili @saba.abramishvili.520 represented by Look Models Management @lookmodelsmanagement.

As Philip Raphael told us, they were inspired by the Vanity Teen Instagram itself, creating a story in which they wanted to convey freshness and relevance. As they also live in sunny Georgia on the border of Europe and Asia, they wanted to convey the atmosphere of the country in the frame of photography.

“We want to transmit freshness, the fullness of life, and openness. We go into the sunset and the moon catches up with us.”

The idea of nature, freshness, and beautiful local February reeds, it is in winter that it reaches its maximum height on the mountain lake Lisi. “The conditions of photography were difficult for us, a strong wind was blowing in the mountains, we had 20 minutes until the sun went below the horizon and the temperature dropped to +10 degrees Celsius,” says the photographer. “We worked steadfastly and promptly, realizing that there is no way back and we really wanted to get the best photos.”

The equipment used was a sun reflector, a mobile flash, a Canon 580II with a blue filter, and a camera Canon M6 MarkII, and the shoot took place outdoors in the beautiful Lisi Lake in Tbilisi City, Georgia.

Model Saba Abramishvili @saba.abramishvili.520 represented by Look Models Management @lookmodelsmanagement photographed by Philip Raphael @visionofstudio assisted by Sofia Ovsepyan @ovsephotos, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

Text edited by Adrian Gomis @adriange_

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