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Ritse de Jong exclusive interview

Exclusive interview with Ritse de Jong @ritselaar_, a very handsome and funny twenty-year-old model and singer from the Netherlands, represented by Two Management Barcelona @twomanagementbarcelona. Exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

Ritse de Jong exclusive interview for Vanity Teen online

Q: What made you start modeling?

A: I participated in Hntm in 2017 because a girl told me: “you have a good face and you are tall so why don’t you do something with it?” And at first, I was like hell no because no one had ever said that to me and I thought it was a stupid reality show. But in time I talked about it with my friends, and she persuaded me and that’s where it all started. 

Q: Which is your favorite part of your job?

A: To meet new people and see new places and I really like to wear nice clothes hehehe. 

Q: We’ve seen you do more things outside your modeling career. How did you start singing and creating funny videos?

A: My first song was about my first car. I was really hyped and I run into the studio and was talking about my car, my friends said “we gonna make a song for your car” That song went really well, we also got some gigs with it. Then I found that super fun and I continued. I made funny videos when I was very young with my friends because we like to act stupid. 

Ritse de Jong exclusive interview for Vanity Teen online

 Q: What makes you happy? Name your biggest dream. 

My friends and family make me happy and nature as well. I really love walking through the forest and climbing trees, that’s kind of a meditation for me. My biggest dream is to be the largest rap group in Holland/ Europe and to do al lot of tours.

Q: Do you have any future plans? 

Definitely! Fokke Simons is gonna be the biggest most popular rap group in Holland. I want to do a lot of model jobs and be in cool magazines like this one. Keep developing my self on all pieces and listen to my self.

Q: How would you define yourself? And your style? 

My style is variable. I like to wear tracksuits but also baggy jeans with baseball jackets. It depends on what mood I’m in but most of the time I feel happy.

Q: Would you like to give any advice to our readers and people who want to be like you?

A: Always be your self, only listen to people you admire or love, always be kind to yourself because you are here with your self and never stop dreaming and playing! 

Ritse de Jong exclusive interview for Vanity Teen online
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