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pinqponq Launches Coated Edition pinqponq Launches Coated Edition Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


pinqponq Launches Coated Edition

Rough Sentimentality – a paradox? With the new Coated Edition, pinqponq challenges this paradox. The material and functional design are reminiscent of traditional workwear. The robust material makes lining unnecessary and gives the bag a rough look. The eye-catching seams resemble denim jeans, and the front pockets highlight its functional use. At the same time, the edition remains true to the clear forms of pinqponq. This is workwear aesthetics on a whole new level.

Challenging the fashion paradox through cutting-edge and sustainable designs, avant-garde German label pinqponq unveils its Coated edition, enclosing the brand’s distinctiveness: functional, sustainable and timeless style.

Taking the workwear aesthetics to a new level the two-dots brand presents a set of smooth and shimmering yet rough but eye-catching pieces that defies the enigma between staleness and freshness. Fabrics are waterless dyed and then covered by a special wax layer that makes it water-resistant. Through a dynamic passiveness a natural patina develops over time, making it a unique fashionable time capsule. The subtle palette of anthracite and khaki tones can be effortlessly combined with any outfit.

The edition introduces its latest model: THE CARRIK. The latest backpack features a classic rolltop element that allows it to be expanded to 22 liters. Highlights on the backpack front pockets, which augments stlye and functionality, along the other essential features such as 15″ laptop- & tablet and compartments, waterproof rolltop among others. The Coated edition also features a set of thoughtful and timeless accessories such as wallets and keychains, all made with the same natural dyed process.

Loyal to the brand’s  social and ecological responsibility, all products are are made from 100% recycled PET bottles and undergo resource-conserving manufacturing process.

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