Vanity Teen New Face Bogdan Romanovic

New Face to Introduce: Bogdan Romanovic


Vanity Teen talks in exclusive with new face Bogdan Romanovic from Ukraine signed by The Name Management, let’s mention the most interesting facts:

-Hi Bogdan thanks so much for letting us meet you a little bit, This is a nice day, around here, where are you based? and how old are you?

Hi! It’s a beautiful day here in Kiev too! For a moment I like to live here. Since I got back from my last contract in Paris a few months ago, I dont feel like I really want to go somewhere right now. I have so many friends here in Kiev, beautiful places and things to do. So yeah, right now im In Ukraine. KievVanity Teen New Face Bogdan Romanovic
– How do you get scouted by a Modeling Agency?

I studied at the art school. studied painting and drawing. after school, I worked as an artist’s model for older artists or students. I had to sit in an uncomfortable position for 4 or more hours. They paid very little money to me, almost nothing. But now it’s funny to remember this as my first paid job. At one of these sessions was an artist who was involved also in photography. He offered to make a couple of shots, and then he sent them to someone from scouts or agents that he knew. After a month or so I flew to Paris for the first time in my life. This is how it all started.

-Tell us about your first experience as a model? And your latest work as a model?

My first model job was in Paris. It was an editorial for Glamour UK full fashion story you can see by this link. So this was my first job ever, and I think I did good cause everyone was really satisfied by me. Last job that came out its also an editorial. Special project for Vogue Ukraine, in Tommy Hilfiger clothes. Link.

Vanity Teen New Face Bogdan Romanovic

-Is this a real dream job like you always thought it would be?

I’m not gonna complain about how hard this job really is and blah blah blah. I’m fully enjoying my life in or outside modelling. Modelling gives me a lot of great things. I’m meeting talented people all the time, I can travel in the world. I love to perform in front of the camera or at the catwalk. So I really love what I’m doing, of course, there are also some difficulties happened to be, but its happened in every industry not only fashion. So you need to be strong and do what gives you pleasure.

-I listened to Frank Ocean’s latest album, which is good, tell me about your best tunes

I’m really deep into techno right now. There is a lot of cool underground rave kind of places in Kiev now with really strong music. Young people going there, dancing, meeting new friends, thats what i like to dance for now.
Vanity Teen New Face Bogdan Romanovic
-Vanity Teen always focusing on featuring the best guys, what do you feel about it? lucky guy!

I am a Lucky Bogdan haha :)

-We know you have good drawing skills, what do you study, do you still drawing fashion sketches?

Thank you, yes, I still do Fashion sketches and fashion illustrations, maybe its something that I’m gonna do in the future. Right now I’m working on a project with young Ukrainian fashion designers. And also I’m preparing myself for a Young Fashion Illustrators competition that gonna happen in Kiev in a few month. I’m not planning to travel for the long term for modelling anywhere till I’m gonna take part in this competition. 
I feel the excitement and really want to win!

Vanity Teen New Face Bogdan Romanovic
-What do you prefer? Runway, lookbook, fashion editorial?

Runway is always great it’s kind of a dance or performance for me. You need to listen to a beat and move in the right way. That’s my favourite, it always looks great and you always feel adrenalin when you doing it. It’s great I love it!

-What is your favourite meal?

I’m okay just with black coffee and fruits :)

Vanity Teen New Face Bogdan Romanovic
-Last book read and seen any movies recently?

Right now I’m reading *Reality Transurfing* by Vadim Zeland, it is a mixture of all that is necessary for a person who has a purpose in life, and he wants to reach it. Esoteric, psychology, sociology and even a little magic :) I found this book really important for me now. The last movie that I saw was a documentary about Scientists who studied LSD in the United States in the ’60s.

-What are you expecting on the modeling scene?

I am a happy person already. But to be on the top 1 In the male models top list would be also lovely haha :)

Vanity Teen New Face Bogdan Romanovic

-Who do you like to work with? any favorite artist / photographer / fashion icon? 

Right now I want to take part in some dance music video for some big techno DJ band. I love to dance and It would be cool to see myself dancing for a cool music on the big screen :)

Vanity Teen New Face Bogdan Romanovic-Your mother agency is The Name Management, how do you feel working with them? Are you cool with them?

Absolutely! My agents name is Lusy Kogan, she is super nice, supportive and just great. Happy to work with her.

-Most of the millennials consider trends vintage clothing, what do you think? and what is your daily style?

I love to search for some cool and unique pieces on second-hand shops in Kiev. Vintage is great. 80’s and 90’s underground rave style is also cool for me now.

Vanity Teen New Face Bogdan Romanovic
-Choose Fashion Icon: Beyoncé, Rihanna or FKA Twigs?

FKA Twigs !!!!

Thanks so much for your time Bogdan, we really like what we see and read, although we considered you are a very interest guy, deep thoughts and having a hype style.

Big hugs and love from Ukraine to all Vanity Teen! Thank you, guys ! <3

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