Mateo and Mikael by Sebas Namunkura Mateo and Mikael by Sebas Namunkura Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Mateo and Mikael by Sebas Namunkura

The talented photographer Sebas Namunkura @namunkura worked closely with the gorgeous new faces Mateo Miretti @mateo_miretti and Mikael Defays @mdefays represented by Ceres Management @ceres_management for this fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online!

As the photographer Sebas told us, working with new faces is always a very exciting challenge because the models are nervous and insecure during the photoshoot because they are starting their modeling careers and they don’t have that experience yet but they do their best to show the best side of themselves. As a photographer, Sebas has to create a safe place for them to really show their natural selves and transmit that safety for them to feel comfortable and leave that nervousness and insecurity behind. That way they feel comfortable enough to show their sexiest side, to show their sensuality and keep that young vibe we love.

There is no makeup and no styling at all, just a pair of jeans. The photographer did this because he wanted to focus on the models, removing the elements that could distract the viewer’s attention and keeping it simple and sexy. With the arrival of the fall season and the tint of the trees and nature, Sebas made the most of the situation and went to Parque Sarmiento, Buenos Aires, with the models to shoot this amazing editorial. The photographer used a Nikon D750 and a 50mm lens with natural light, refelcting that spontaneity he likes when shooting handsome guys. “I love photographing guys and maybe because I’ve worked so many years in the fashion industry, where you have to adapt to the limits of fashion photography, I now look for more freedom and spontaneity in my photography.”

Even though the models didn’t know each other, there was a connection and confidence between them during the photoshoot, what is seen in this gorgeous editorial through smiles and confident looks. The photographer wanted to create that fun environment with the models for them to be relaxed and have a great time, and there is no doubt he managed to do it because the models look amazing!

Models Mateo Miretti @mateo_miretti and Mikael Defays @mdefays represented by Ceres Management @ceres_management photographed by Sebas Namunkura @namunkura, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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