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Marta Viidas by Samet Turkan

Photographer Samet Turkan @sametturkann and art director and makeup artist Andrea Sheehan bring this very beautiful fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the model Marta Viidas @viidasmarta represented by DNK Model Management @dnkmodels.

The idea of this story came from the makeup artist Andrea Sheehan who is evolving her career into the art direction. This is her introductory project. She has created a storyline for a bigger production with inspiration taken from the harem of the Topkapı Palace in Istanbul circa 1430.

“Our photoshoot depicts one of the girls from the harem escaping the confinement of the palace back to her homeland via her dreams. She was an exquisitely beautiful slave girl acquired by the Great Sultan from the slave markets on the return from war. She was then taken back to the harem in Istanbul’s Topkapı Palace. The girl lives in fabulous luxury and
apparent happiness but she is confined inside the harem and can only leave via her dreams, where she travels back to her family’s home but sadly discovers her home has been left empty and ravaged by war.”

The photographer used a Canon 6D MarcII with only natural light which gave a dramatic and emotional feeling to the already moody ambiance of the house, an abandoned six-story house in an old district of Istanbul which used to be very wealthy and cosmopolitan area.

The inspiration of the hair and makeup have also been taken from the idea that she came from the luxuriousness and perfection of the harem to then becoming a little bit disheveled in the warped vision of her dream but still possessing her unique beauty and style. It was the work of the hairstylist Mert Pekguzel @mert.pekguzelofficial that showcased this idea and the stylist Berker Kusku @berkerkusku, who was assisted by Necati Ozkutlu @necatiozkutlu, also did an amazing job, with beautiful dresses created by an Iranian designer, Torlan @torlaaan and a Turkish designer Cigdem Karavit @cigdemkaravitofficial.

Model Marta Viidas @viidasmarta represented by DNK Model Management @dnkmodels photographed by Samet Turkan @sametturkann art director and makeup artist Andrea Sheehan hairstylist Mert Pekguzel @mert.pekguzelofficial stylist Berker Kusku @berkerkusku assisted by Necati Ozkutlu @necatiozkutlu. Exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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