Marine Serre Unveils the Spring-Summer 2024 Collection Marine Serre Unveils the Spring-Summer 2024 Collection Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Marine Serre Unveils the Spring-Summer 2024 Collection

Throbbing to the Beat of “HEARTBEAT”

Marine Serre‘s Spring-Summer 2024 collection is themed “HEARTBEAT.” The heavy bass track played throughout the show evokes the rhythm of a heartbeat, symbolizing the brand’s life force. This ready-to-wear collection’s fashion show transformed the venue into a sensory feast of sight and sound. Models danced freely to the pulsating rhythm of “HEARTBEAT,” showcasing the beauty of the collection in diverse forms on the runway.

Marine Serre’s Spring-Summer 2024 line-up featured artists like Teyana Taylor, Noah Cyrus, Miguel, Brooke Candy, and Sevdaliza. The closing act by Miguel felt more like a concert than a fashion show, underscoring the high-energy ambiance.

The Colorful and Textured Landscape of the Spring-Summer Collection

The MARINE SERRE 2024 Spring-Summer series delivers seasonal surprises with a rare blend of vibrant jewel colors. The striking and popping contrast colors are particularly eye-catching, adding a dynamic touch to the collection.

The highlight of the show was the introduction of crochet, a fresh addition to Marine Serre’s design repertoire. The designer skillfully continued to use deconstruction, splicing, and denim fabric disassembly to create a denim suit that exudes a strong brand identity with the iconic crescent pattern. Other items combine full animal prints and different fabrics to showcase the beauty of wildlife, calling for nature appreciation through natural beauty illustrations on skirts, coats, and jackets like hibiscus flower patterns.

A Call to Authenticity and Natural Expression

Marine Serre’s Spring-Summer 2024 collection emphasizes a call to authenticity and a connection to the wildness of nature and its energetic expression. The collection resonates with love through the body’s rhythm following the “HEARTBEAT” theme music, illustrating a perfect harmony between fashion and the organic world.

Styling @benoitbethume
Casting @williamlhoest
Music @prsseau regenerating « Clair de Lune » by Claude Debussy
Film and Pictures @ewenspencer
Movement Director @ryanchappell
Set Design @studiolisadayan
Make Up @janeenwitherspoon_
Hair @alipirzadeh
Nails @anaiscordevantnailartist
Event Production @agence_spotlite
Photo and Film production @lgamanagement

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